Bad atmosphere at work or not enough fun to get to know your colleagues better? Don't lose the motivation to go to work, we have something for you! 

If team building doesn't exist in your company, it's about time to talk about it. If it is, that's fine. Then it' s up to you and your colleagues to develop your imagination for future team building: 1 is never enough! 
A team building will help your company to increase your well-being, yours and your colleagues', by consolidating employee/employer bonds. According to the AGEFI study, "companies increase their efficiency by 30% by organizing team building".
To have fun in team with the activities of the moment, you can find: workshops, tastings, go-karting, laser games, escape games or tourist routes. 
Here's why team building is so important through 5 advantages for employees and companies.

1 - If there is communication, there will be success

Operating in an environment without problems or traps can be complicated for you or your colleagues if communication is conspicuously silent. As you can imagine, conflict can create a lot of problems, including efficiency and motivation. 
According to the PLOS One survey, "Ensuring a collective dynamic is essential because individual problems or collective disagreements between workers do not lead to a successful business".
Good communication is a very important factor and will enable you and your colleagues to feel more listened to and more comfortable at work and to be more efficient and motivated. I think you won't say the opposite. 
Team building can improve this communication, mainly during group activities or games.

2 - Team work is not always conflictual or boring

Managing to combine different personalities, different visions of a project: a complicated task for some people, easy for the others. Team building is therefore there to promote team cohesion. 
According to the PLOS One study, "interactive activities encourage workers to discover and improve their working methods and efficiency in a group".
Team building can also help you or your team to break the ice more easily to feel more integrated through these extra team work activities. 

3 - Cool, let's be cool

The office is normally where you all spend most of your time. Being comfortable and feeling good is therefore essential.
According to Gallup's analysis, "People can transmit their stress but also their serenity. This can have an impact on the people around you. Workers also have difficulty disconnecting from their jobs."
Team building activities can help you get rid of stressors and get you out of the daily routine. You and your colleagues will then be more efficient in your tasks and you will feel better. 

4 - Work deserves...recognition

Another advantage of team building is recognition. Let it be said, it will allow you to have a lot more self-confidence, to feel necessary and your motivation will be boosted. And it doesn't cost the employer anything! A small step for the boss and a giant leap for the employee. 
Gallup's analysis shows that  "for a group to be effective, employees must be stimulated and given courage to make them better and do a good job". 
Through team building activities (during a game for example), it will be easier for you to value yourself to others in new ways and for others to show you their appreciation, fair's fair. 

5 - You reap what you sow

In terms of benefits for the company, team building will help you improve your communication, conflict in team work, personal development and recognition. 

If employees are happy, motivation and efficiency will follow. Days of wasting time and money are over; in short, it's all good for your company. 

Of course, as you can imagine, that's not the solution to every problem. But team building will help a lot your company to create a better atmosphere and productivity.


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Written by: Coddy | Updated at: 22-05-2020

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