Team up and start a City-Wide Escape game

Getting bored with the traditional escape room? We’ve got you covered !

If you never felt trapped in your city, this is something you should to try right now ! It’s a lot of fun that you can now share with your team by playing the new city-wide escape games Coddy !

Team up, charge your smartphone and start exploring your city as a scavenger hunt adventure. By solving puzzles, you find your way out of the zone and free yourself from a catastrophic finality.

2 to 6 players

Our games are playable form 2 to 6 players.

2 to 3h game

The clock is ticking, the faster you go, the better.


Compete with other teams and win some prizes.

Anyone can join

Compose a team with your colleagues, family and friends

Big brains needed

Find clues, Solve riddles, and make decisions that matters.

As from 10 years old

Kids can play our games if they're playing along with an adult

5 games available

Our games are ready to play on your smartphone and counting.

8 cities covered

Available games near from you, new cities every month.

How to start playing your next escape game ?

To organize a successful escape game, you must follow some guidelines. First explore our website, find a theme that you like and book a ticket online. One ticket serves multiple smartphones, pick the ticket carefully.

Then, ask your friends to meet at the starting point indicated on the ticket you receive. Every participant download the Coddy App and enter the code you received following your payment.

The first player is the leader of the team, but you can share this role easily. Solve the riddles and close the case. Have fun !

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