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At Home - Adventure

This type of game will immerse you in a different universe than the one we used to live in. The scenario takes a predominant place in the game experience.


10 - 15
Missions: 10 - 12
Data (4G/5G)
Mobile data required
Wherever you want


A Quiet Night is the introductory episode to the Urban Escape Game "Rise of the Dead" and serves to introduce you to our Coddy games. It's a short version of the Escape Game, with a zombie theme. Discover the functionalities of the mobile app, the progress of an Escape Game on a smartphone without moving from your living room (or your bed)!
With friends or alone, test the game to discover what awaits you in our Urban Escape Game "Rise of the Dead"!

Storyline by Coddy

A game on smartphone

The game is played totally on Coddy's mobile application. To access it, you need to download the Coddy application on your Appstore. Then go on the app and select "A Quiet Night". Start your game and try to be the first in the ranking by answering the riddles correctly and making the best choices.

The game takes around 15 minutes (depending on if you find the riddles easy or if you struggle). Note that the level of this game is quite easy and the difficulty will be different in our Urban Escape Game.

There will be several choices to be made during the game: the missions and objects acquired will be different from one game to another and the riddles will be adapted according to these choices. If you want to go through the whole game to unlock all the possible riddles and objects, we advise you to redo the game once you've finished (it's free anyway, you have nothing to lose, right?) and change your choices each time. 


You find yourself at home, in front of a good zombie movie, only the sounds of the movie sound far too realistic... Will you be brave enough to go and see what's going on?

Last testimonials

4.4 / 5
584 reviews & 50 comments
Marija Nov 2020

Loved it! Had so much fun with friends

ladiina Nov 2020

It is cool game! not complicated but still need your brain to think hahaha

Leaderboard - top 20

1 Zaimi Aimane
2080 Points
2 Alexia V.
1830 Points
3 Julien Munsch et lola
1760 Points
4 Fauve Guillaume
1750 Points
5 Sophie Andrien
1740 Points
6 Les soeurs P
1650 Points
7 laura vermeulen
1590 Points
8 The Winners
1560 Points
9 Féline
1550 Points
10 michel goemans
1530 Points
11 Gaëlle P.
1510 Points
12 Sandy Del
1450 Points
13 josephine lavenne
1440 Points
14 Roberto Maletti
1400 Points
15 Jean-Hubert Chartz
1400 Points
16 Maximilien Hocquet
1400 Points
17 alexandre
1400 Points
18 Amandine Molon
1350 Points
19 Jonas Coene
1350 Points
20 kristel B.
1350 Points

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