Un jeu d'évasion urbain de 120 min pour découvrir les coins secrets de la ville!

  • 120 -180 min
  • Languages: fr nl en
  • 4.5 km
  • 25 -30 Missions
  • Pets allowed
  • Adults
  • Mobile data required
  • Charge your smartphone!

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Starting Point

Fontainasplein, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

Rise of the Dead is playable in the following cities

infectedriseofthedeadexamples-1-1590158879B5pyf.png infectedriseofthedeadexamples-2-1590158882qMqvu.png infectedriseofthedeadexamples-3-1590158885oxiJL.png infectedriseofthedeadexamples-4-1590158887y1rHJ.png

In this episode, you have to flee your city, contaminated by the Z-1 virus and invaded by a horde of zombies. Your actions will influence your entire adventure.

Run and hide or face the enemy? Save yourself or help your fellow citizens? 

If you're hungry for zombie invasion, brave enough, smart enough, and think you're up to it, then grab your ticket for Rise of the Dead, get your buddies together (more chances to get out of it...or not, who knows?!) and get on with the Infected adventure!

[Scenario by Quentin Geudens]

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"Chouette aventure pour découvrir Bruxelles"

Urban Escape Game

Yes Chelsea, Escape Games isn't just about being locked in a room for an hour and finding your way out: today we show you a new way to approach Escape with your friends. 

With Rise of the Dead, you have to flee your city contaminated by a devastating virus and your fellow citizens who have turned into flesh-eating zombies! And you literally have to flee the streets of your city: the game takes you to several places where you'll have to solve puzzles like in a classic Escape Game. You'll also have other missions, choices to make that will require a bit of thought and sometimes even courage. 

It's your choices that shape your destiny in the city: depending on what you want to do, the game will take you in different directions. 

A way to rediscover your city or to simply discover one: the game takes you on a 4.5 km journey (don't worry, it's not too steep Chelsea, you can do it!).

Get your team ready

The game is played in teams of up to 6 people: around a single smartphone (if Brandon prefers to do a photo report at the same time) or each one with his own: by sharing the same code you follow the game all together. 

  • Team leader: in turn you can become team leader, which means that you are responsible for entering the answers to the puzzles in the app (and the fate of your whole team is in your hands). 

So get your team ready and be careful who you take with you: at the end there's a team ranking, we wouldn't want you to finish last! 

Duo game

You want to play but only with your better half? Or your BFF, your father or your grandmother? Don't worry, Chelsea. The duo ticket is also available and the experience is quite similar, except that there are only two of you and that's when you'll realise if your partner is really a keeper or if he's the kind of person who'll sacrifice you to survive a zombie invasion.  

So, concretely, what do you do?

  • You stay on this page, Rise of the Dead, and you take your ticket (duo or team) - or you change the game but still take your ticket on our website and choose the city of your choice!
  • You will receive an email with the confirmation and the code that you have to enter in the app.
  • Download the Coddy mobile app, if you haven't already done so (or do a small update), enter your code and go to the starting point of the game.
  • You meet your friends on the day of your choice (the day before for Kevin who is always late) and you start the game!
  • Leave a rating if you liked it (or not, it happens), some advice if you want to give some and come back to see us whenever you want!

Escape Game Infected Rise of the Dead available in

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Coddy stars

Leaderboard (50 firsts)

1 Les chimistes
2400 Points
2 La bande
2300 Points
3 Anon8
2290 Points
4 Estelle
2280 Points
5 Boelaert Family
2270 Points
6 moumoutte
2220 Points
7 Les Anglaises
2140 Points
8 Maria
2010 Points
9 Romain
2000 Points
10 Edwin
1910 Points
11 Pascal
1910 Points
12 Las Pollas Gordas
1860 Points
13 Sophie
1850 Points
14 Renaud
1830 Points
15 Florence
1820 Points
16 Les Vdc
1760 Points
17 Claire
1740 Points
18 Wine Forever
1690 Points
19 Bonzai one
1670 Points
20 Sauve-qui-peut
1660 Points
21 Tristan
1630 Points
22 Morgane
1620 Points
23 Catherine
1580 Points
24 La Capitale
1530 Points
25 Anon2
1450 Points
26 Bénédicte Eid
1420 Points
27 Zombie Nation
1330 Points
28 The end of time
1140 Points
29 L’équipe ki pique
1070 Points
30 Painmiel
1050 Points
31 FB Sarah
1010 Points
32 Lisa
990 Points
33 Zinneke
930 Points
34 The Witchers
930 Points
35 Zombinière
920 Points
36 Les ritals
900 Points
37 Anon4
870 Points
38 Le palace
830 Points
39 Les nymphes
770 Points
40 Tatou
710 Points
41 Steph
600 Points
42 Team CDRE
600 Points
43 Lise & Guillaume
490 Points
44 Seb
410 Points
45 Celine
360 Points
46 Melvine
300 Points
47 Les Vieux Amis
300 Points
48 Team AXA
230 Points
49 Anon3
100 Points
50 BX1
100 Points