4.3/5 is the average rating given by the 94850 players in 9 countries and 64 cities through the 173 Coddy adventures.

Explore the city, find clues and solve puzzles with your group of less than 50 people.

Organizing such an event is not easy. 50 people to manage, it's a lot of work. That's why we make it easy for you to get access to Coddy.

You can now easily order several teams on our website. Once you have placed your order, this is what you will get:

  • The adventure in the city and language of your choice.
  • Accesses sent immediately by email.
  • A ranking among all our players.
  • An invoice in the name of the organization.
  • Customer support in the application in case of need.

Get access for your group in a few moments.

To order, nothing could be easier. Start by requesting a quote, you will receive it immediately. Then place your order when you are ready, you will find a direct link in the quote to make it easier for you.


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Payment by bank transfer or debit card, credit card or Paypal.


Receive access by email

In less than a minute, accesses are sent.


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Share access with teams

Players are autonomous once the access code is shared.

Get a quote (1min)

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Images de l'encyclopédie dures a télécharger a l'endroit prévu et pour les trois animaux c'est des permettes et pas des canards...
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Isabel The Alchemist - Durbuy
Oct 2022
A great adventure and a brilliant way to explore the city
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Gareth The Alchemist - Leuven
Sep 2022
An enjoyable time with the team, and I got to know a few people!
Siddharth Rise of the Dead Mechelen
Sep 2022

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, that's normal. Here we compile the answers to the most frequently asked questions from organizers of events with less than 50 people.

Depending on the theme chosen, the speed of your team and your ability to solve the puzzles, a game can vary between 2 and 3 hours. We advise you to allow 4 hours for the activity.

You will receive an invoice after your payment is confirmed. You can indicate in your information: the name of the company, the VAT number of the company, etc.

You can pay by bank transfer on the website. Once we have received the transfer, we will send you the game code. It takes a few days between the payment and the activity.

No, the payment must be made before receiving the access codes. You will receive an invoice as soon as the payment is confirmed.

A last minute problem and your company has to cancel?
Our games are valid for 365 days. You can easily reschedule the activity because it can be played whenever your company wants.

You (or your supervisor 🤪 ) create the teams yourself. We advise to make teams of 5-6 players depending on the total number of participants.

Our games are played completely autonomously with no staff required on site. However, in case of any problems during the game, we will always be available and ready to help via the support in the app.

To play a game with Coddy, you will need :

- at least one smartphone with a full battery (1 per team of 6 players minimum, unless otherwise stated)
- a 4G internet connection
- the Coddy application
- a team code (reserved online and received by email)

We also advise you to take an external battery with you if your phone runs out quickly.