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The ideal activity for your team building in Manchester

Team building event player thinking about the solution to the riddle

Why go for an urban Escape Game as a team building activity in Manchester?

  • To increase team cohesion
  • To recreate a group dynamic
  • To discover the city in a different way
  • To rack your brains in a playful way

With our urban adventures, let your colleagues (re)discover the city during a fierce competition in the streets of Manchester. Team up with 4 to 6 people and travel the city with your teammates to solve the puzzles hidden in the streets of Manchester.

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How much does this urban activity cost?

There are three formulas, the self service and the pro and the tailor-made.

  • With the self service formula, you order online and organize your team building yourself where and when you want. Available from 1 person or more.
  • With the PRO formula, we assist you in its implementation and add some bonuses. Available for groups of 50 people or more.
  • With the tailor-made formula, we create a customised adventure or adapt one of the existing adventures to meet your needs. Available for groups of 300 people or more.

From 1 person

Coddy Self service

Starts at €5.5 /person (VAT excl.)
  • 💳 Online payment
  • 🕘 Postpone anytime
  • 👫 Per team of 6 max
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated leaderboard
  • Dispatching missions
  • Free cancelation (48h)
Get a quote (1min)
From 50 people

Coddy PRO

€15 /person (VAT excl.)
  • 💳 Payment by invoice
  • 🕘 Postpone anytime
  • 👫 Choose your team composition
  • ✅ Dedicated account manager
  • ✅ Dedicated leaderboard
  • ✅ Dispatching missions
  • ✅ Free cancelation (48h)
From 300 people

Coddy Tailor-Made

Starts at 30€ /person (VAT excl.)

Get your own 100% personalised city adventure for your employees.

We create unique riddles and highlight the most beautiful places in the city according to your preferences.

Contact us [email protected]

What is included?

  • Explore Manchester!

    Discover popular places but also hidden gems of the city.

  • Team challenges

    Solve the riddles by observing the buildings and monuments of the city.

  • Pictures/souvenirs Pro & Tailor-made

    Leave with a memorable souvenir of your team building thanks to the game's photo challenges.

  • Tailor-made adventure Tailor-made

    We adapt the activity to your company's needs.

  • Dedicated Account Manager Pro & Tailor-made

    Your account manager will be there to help you make the day a success.

  • Real time ranking Pro & Tailor-made

    Keep track of your team's scores with our dedicated leaderboard.

Coddy Mobile app in front of Arc de Triomphe

What are the advantages of organising an urban Escape Game as a team building activity?

  • It is played with a smartphone (one or more per team): no need for additional equipment
  • The games are available in several languages and each player chooses his own!
  • You can start whenever you want, which is very practical when you have to deal with large groups!

So what are you waiting for to offer a unique experience to your coworkers 😉

A City-Wide Escape game to explore Manchester

They played with Coddy

Interested? Here are the next steps

  1. Request an offer

    It's free and without obligation. It will help us to provide you with the best possible offer.
  2. Let's discuss and plan your activity!

    Our account manager will send you an offer and answer all your questions. See frequently asked questions
  3. Sending codes by team

    After receiving the payment, you will receive the codes for each team and the game instructions for the day.
  4. We design your teambuilding PRO & Tailor-made

    Our team adapts your urban adventure to your company!
  5. During the event PRO & Tailor-made

    Your account manager and our support team will be available if needed.
  6. After the event PRO & Tailor-made

    We will come back to you to see if everything went well!

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the theme chosen, the speed of your students and your ability to solve the puzzles, a game can vary between 2 and 3 hours. We recommend 4 hours of activity.

You will receive an invoice after the payment has been validated. You can indicate in your information: the name of the school, the VAT number of the school (if necessary), etc.

You can pay by bank transfer on the website. Once we have received the transfer, we will send you the game code. You should allow a few days between the payment and the activity.

No, the payment must be made before receiving the access codes. You will receive an invoice as soon as the payment is confirmed.

A last minute hitch and your school has to cancel?
Our games are valid for 365 days. You can easily reschedule the activity because it's playable whenever your school wants.

You will receive a code per team for the day. We advise to make teams of 5-6 players depending on the total number of students present.

Our games are played completely autonomously with no staff required on site. However, in case of problems during the game, we will always be available and ready to help via the support in the app.

To play a game with Coddy, you will need:

- At least one smartphone with a full battery (1 per team of 6 players minimum, unless otherwise stated)
- a 4G internet connection
- the Coddy application
- a team code (reserved online and received by email)

We also advise you to take an external battery with you if your phone runs out quickly