Escape Games Investigations

Police Investigations, Private Detectives

Escape Games in which the investigation must be carried out: places to visit, witnesses to interview, leads to follow,... You can't afford to make a mistake: find the culprit(s) before it's too late... 

Escape Game at home

You can also play an escape game on a smartphone, well installed in the back of your sofa.

Escape Game

Don't Swipe Right

A young woman was found dead on the train. Everyone talked about it, the police investigated, but they found nothing. Everything suggests it was murder, but who wa...

Murders, mysteries, plots,...

Police investigator on crimes or private detective hired to carry out the investigation with complete discretion, in these Escape Games you will have to carry out the investigation. You will have to follow tracks, and to do so, choose certain points (certain places, certain people) to visit or let yourself be guided by the app. Find the culprit(s), solve the mystery before the end: time is running out!

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