Escape Games Zombies

Undead are coming

Escape Games on the theme of an invasion of zombies: will you be up to face them?

Escape Game at home

You can also play an escape game on a smartphone, well installed in the back of your sofa.

Escape Game

A quiet night

A Quiet Night is the introductory episode to the Urban Escape Game "Rise of the Dead" and serves to introduce you to our Coddy games. It's a short version of the E...

The zombie invasion

The zombie invasion

A virus known as Z-1 has gone out of control in Kalio Tech Corporation's laboratories. It spread rapidly and is proving to be extremely dangerous. Infected people turn into real flesh-eating zombies

When your neighbours and everyone around you change, there is only one solution: run away! Alone or in a team, get ready to face the zombies and try to escape from this hell in time... 

You will have an influence on your adventure: every decision you make or action you take could have an impact on the rest of the game.

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