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Why choose Coddy for your next Team Building activity in Antwerp?

Antwerp is the perfect playground for your team building! Whether your company is based in Antwerp or not, this is a perfect opportunity to spend time in the city and organize your activity.

Did you play an citywide escape game ? Coddy offers Covid-safe outdoor activities in the streets of Antwerp to be played as team of 6 people. We provide a digital solution to entertain from 6 to 2000 people at the same time.

A dedicated event coordinator will help you to define the best adventure to be played in Antwerp according to your preferences and will be your unique point of contact from brainstorming to your entire satisfaction.

[email protected]

Our specialist will help you to set up the best team building activity in Antwerp for your coworkers.

What to expect?

Team Spirit

Explore Antwerp

You think you know Antwerp by heart? We will prove you wrong. You'll dicover gems and anecdotes about it.

Team Spirit


The participants will be invited to make choices, solve riddles, and look for clues on the buildings and monument of Antwerp.

Team Spirit


The participants and the organizor have access to the leaderboard showing the ranking of the teams in real time.

Team Spirit

Picture souvenirs

Carry out photo assignments, they will be returned to you afterwards to keep memories and share them with the groups!

Team Spirit

Tailor-made adventure

Coddy adapts to you. Departure or arrival point, routes, missions, puzzles, dispatch ... everything can be personalised.

Team Spirit

Event Coordinator

From the conception to the end-user support. Your dedicated event coordinator will assist you remotely anytime you need them.

Some of the places you're going to see

Het Steen

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[email protected]

Our specialist will help you to set up the best team building activity in Antwerp for your coworkers.

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Last testimonials

Heeel leeukkkk, uitdaging met timer tof snelle reactie van de hulpdesk! Zeker de 40euro waard!! maar enkele verbeterpunten: raadsel met oplossing in e-mail overbodig aangezien we niet echt moesten zoeken, gewoon proberen tot je de juiste had meer variatie in de raadsels want de acties werden vaak herhaald stereotype scenario en afbeelding van een secretaresse
Lukas Investigation: The Walter Case - Antwerp
Sep 2021
Only took us 6h. top
Sérgio Rise of the Dead Antwerp
Jun 2021

Interested? Here are the next steps

  • Meet your account manager at Coddy

    Send an email to [email protected], use the quote generator form above, or say hello in the chat room at the bottom right of your screen.

  • Discuss and schedule your event

    We will provide you with a quote based on your needs and prepare your event according to your requirements.

  • The event takes place

    Once your colleagues have left for their adventure, we check remotely that everything is going well and answer all their questions directly on their phone.

  • A few days later

    We perform a quick check, usually by phone, to evaluate the success of your team building event.

Team building in Antwerp

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