"Solve our riddles, they will lead you to the most beautiful (and most secret) places in the city."

Team Spirit

It's a teamplay game.

You'll need team spirit and good logic to solve the puzzles in a timely fashion.

Team Spirit

In the city centre

Downtown is your playground. Use the hidden corners of the city to solve puzzles.

Team Spirit

COVID-19 compatible

6 players (or less) per team, each on his smartphone. No interaction with other players.

How much does it cost?


€39,99 per team

2 active players max

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Code valid for 365 days

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€49,99 per team

6 active players max

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Code valid for 365 days

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Team Building

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6 active players max

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How does it work?

  • Buy Your code online
    Pick a Game on this website and buy it. You can play the game whenever it pleases you.
  • Download Coddy on the App Stores
    The mobile App Coddy is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Go to the starting point
    The game starts at a specific location, this is indicated on the page of the game and within the email received.
  • Enter the code and start playing
    Each member of the team enters the same code

What our players thought of their experience

"A great way to discover a city off the beaten path and with a cool scenario! "

lovely avatar
did Rise of the Dead Brussels

"Chouette aventure pour découvrir Bruxelles"

lovely avatar
Stéphane Rise of the Dead Brussels

"Great game! We had fun ;-) "

lovely avatar
Titch Rise of the Dead Brussels

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Sanitary measures Covid-19

Image street
No contact outside the group.
Image street
The games are played outside.
Image street
No more than 4 players per team.
Image street
Wearing a mask is recommended.

Our games are designed to be compatible with the health measures following the Covid-19 pandemic. However, please respect the usual barrier gestures as well as the exceptional measures taken by the municipal administration of the game you wish to play.

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