How does it work?

  • Buy Your code online
    Pick a Game on this website and buy it. You can play the game whenever it pleases you.
  • Download Coddy on the App Stores
    The mobile App Coddy is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Go to the starting point
    The game starts at a specific location, this is indicated on the page of the game and within the email received.
  • Enter the code and start playing
    Each member of the team enters the same code

Start an Urban Escape Game in your City

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Our goal : make everyone play together again !

About Coddy

Coddy offers geolocated games, in your city, in which you will be at the center of each story. Build a team of up to 6 adventurers to solve riddles and carry out a set of missions in a limited time. Each decision, each action, will influence the course of your story.

Pick a game, a city and a date, team up with your bravest, smartest friends, download our app and start your adventure !

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