Here are the answer to all your Frequently Asked Questions

About the games

Coddy offers treasure huntsgeolocalized Urban Escape Games that, with the help of your smartphone, will take you on a tour of a city while you play.

Routes with puzzles related either to the scenario itself or to the city. For the latter, you will have to look all around you to answer the questions. A way to (re)discover a city while playing and having fun!

With the help of the mobile application, in teams of up to players, solve all kinds of puzzles and complete several missions in a given time. Choose the game of your choice, a city and arrange with your team for the date that suits you. Download the application to your smartphones (at least 1 smartphone per team) and get together to start the adventure!

Coddy also offers Escape Games to do at home, alone, in duo or in team. All together or remotely, these Escape Games for adults but also for children are also played with the mobile application. 

After buying your ticket, you'll receive a code that you will have to enter into the Coddy app, previously downloaded. This code will give you access to the game you have chosen, only once, on the day of your choice. That day, go to the location of the first mission, follow the instructions on the app and let the game begin !
Depending on the theme (if the game is timed) and on your team's speed and ability to solve the riddles, a game can vary between 2 hours and 4 hours. More details are always specified on the game's page.

Whenever you want, any day at any time!
However, we sometimes will make 'events', for those games, you can use it at any time of the day, on the day of the event only! 
This differs for each individual! In each game you will find easier and more complicated puzzles to allow everyone to play without going too fast or being completely blocked.  

To play a game on Coddy, you will need

  • at least one smartphone with a full battery (1 per team of 6 players minimum, unless otherwise stated)
  • an internet connection
  • the Coddy app 
  • your team code (booked online and received by mail)

And most importantly: choose smart enough teammates so you can aim for a competitive score ! 

We advise you to take an external battery with you if your phone discharges easily.


  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in some cities (or streets). Check your city's website for recommendations. 
Once it is purchased, you can only play it once, on the date of your choice. Once played, the game can no longer be used. But don't worry, if you liked it, others are available or coming soon in your city (and you can also play the same game in different cities, it will always be a different experience ;-) ).
We'll roll out the red carpet for you and cover you with gold !

(Once your team is over, your score will be posted on our website - if it's worth it - and we invite you to team up again and start another game if you liked it!)
At this stage, you can't create your own private games on our platform. Yet.

However, if you feel particularly talented and inspired, drop us an email at and we'll be happy to discuss creating games together.

We're also always eager to discuss adapting our existing games to fit your team building wishes !

Obviously! Our team is working hard to be able to offer other games soon ... Feel free to follow us on social networks to be kept informed :)
Have you checked your mailbox thoroughly (including the junk folder) ? If you still haven't received this confirmation email with your code, contact us at the following email address : 
You can do whatever you want, Karen ! But be careful that for some games, time is running out ! Taking a beer break or a selfie session with your teammates could cost you your victory. 
Coddy is THE go-to activity for a perfect outdoor afternoon with friends, family trip or why not as a team building?

For team building events, don't hesitate to contact us at the following email address: We'll be happy to tailor a game according to your needs.
You will need at least one smartphone per team. Each player can obviously use his own smartphone, but it's not mandatory (unless stated otherwise in the game's instructions).

You will have to choose a team captain who'll be in charge of submitting the team's answers. The team captain role can be switched to someone else at any given time during the game.

Coddy team

History tells that three (big) children came together one day with the idea of putting games back at the center of our lives. After many debates and questions on the concept (after all, it's like Rome, everything wasn't built in a day), Coddy was born. Today our project brings together a small team of 6 people. If you want to know more about Coddy's story, see our About us page. 
Unless stated otherwise for specific events, our games are not facilitated. However, in case you need help during the game, we'll always be available and ready to help via our Facebook page. 


We do not refund the tickets purchased, however, we can offer you to exchange your ticket for another date or another city. For exchanges, contact us at the following email address :  and we'll be happy to assist you !
The price of the games is the same, regardless of the number of participants in the team. We cannot therefore reimburse the place of an absent person.

If someone cancels on your team (btw you should probably kick out this Judas from your friendslist), try to find someone else to replace them. Otherwise, the game can be played at 5 (or even less).
We'll be happy to give you a raincheck if needed. Feel free to make up the stupidest reason for cancelling your booking, we'll surely have a good laugh about it :)

Let us know for what other date or city you'd like to use your ticket at : and we will be happy to assist you. 

Who can participate?

The games, according to their difficulty and content, have been made for adults (young, a little less young or no longer young at all). Although having incredible physical condition is not a requirement to participate, be aware that you may have to walk a certain number of kilometers to reach the end of our games.

Please note that some of our games *might* contain inappropriate language, which will then be specified on the game's page :)

Specific games for families and children will also be organized. This will be indicated on the games in question. 
We always try to choose places that are easy to access, even for people with reduced mobility. However, we cannot guarantee the condition of the roads and most European city centers are strewn with cobblestones, which should guarantee you maximum sensations!

More seriously, each team always decides for itself the way to go between the missions and it will never be necessary to take stairs to access a mission.

Note, however, that most of our courses are several kilometers long (the distance is always displayed on the games page). We therefore advise against disabled people who would not be equipped with a wheelchair.

If applicable, we will always indicate on the game page if it presents specific problems for people with reduced mobility.
Do you really think that you have what it takes to solve all those riddles and mysteries on your own?! We advise you to find teammates to play the game with, it should be more fun this way ! However, there's nothing restricting you to play our games alone...
Your dog, you cat, your rat, your step-mother : take whoever you want with you! The game takes place in places accessible to all hairy, feathery and scaly creatures. Dragons must however be kept in a sturdy leash and wear a muzzle.


The starting point will always be communicated in your instructions email and in the app. Now if you still can't find it, you should maybe consider staying at home... :)
If you come by car, there always will be a possibility to park somewhere, but we can't guarantee that spaces will be free.

It's best to come by public transport, bicycle, kick scooter, or even on foot if you can. (Think planet!)