The urban Escape Game concept  

A large-scale escape game on your smartphone and a tour through the village of Doel that takes you on a journey to solve riddles in an attempt to escape.  In this small village, you will be geolocated by the application which will show you the exact location of the missions and the tasks you have to accomplish to complete them successfully. With family, friends or colleagues, discover Doel and its unique character, but above all, try to get out of it!

This is not just an Escape Game...

Don't think that these are puzzles where the participants are locked in a room to search anywhere and finally find, by chance, the exit... Our concept combines the classic Escape Game with the discovery of the village of Doel. And all this with your smartphone (at an affordable price!), isn't that great? So you can visit the village, find the clues and answers to your riddles and escape!

Visit Doel while playing?

That's what it's all about! The route created in Doel will take you to every corner of the village so that you can discover it from every angle. While you visit, don't forget the principle of the game: run away! You only have 120 minutes to complete your mission: will you make it?! A game to be played with family, friends, colleagues, couples, in short: choose a good team!

Escape with your buddies

As a couple or with friends, form your team of 2 to 6 people (max.) and try to escape the "ghost village" in time. Each one guided by his or her smartphone, you will have to find all the answers to succeed in your mission! Look around you, use your brains and get out of there as fast as you can... Be careful to choose your teammates carefully: the success of your adventure will depend on them!

A nice and original place to organise your EVJF/EVG: contact us to find out more.

Coddy are Escape Games with, of course, riddles to solve and clues to help you (in case all the brains don't get going...), but they are also missions to complete: places to reach in a given time, photos to take, videos, ... Throughout the game you will walk (or run) around Doel, which will allow you to (re)discover this city while you play. An opportunity to see Doel in a different way...

What will the escape games bring you?

You will develop your team spirit and your imagination with a fun game. And you'll find out whether you and your friends are adventurers who will not shy away from any obstacles, detectives who can solve a puzzle or cowards who run away at the slightest noise...

Discover the ghost village of Doel

Maybe you've heard of it, or maybe you just don't know where this "ghost" village is? Well, it is a village in the province of Antwerp (near the port), which is now almost completely empty! There are still a few (very few) inhabitants left, and all the houses have been barricaded, tagged, in short abandoned. The special atmosphere of this place attracts curiosity and visitors. But it is very often alone that you will find yourself in these empty streets ...

A glimpse of Doel

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