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Jobs @Coddy

About Coddy

From urban escape games to unusual discovery routes, we create digital experiences using web and mobile applications.
Our clients are private individuals but also companies for whom we organise events and teambuildings.
We are a multidisciplinary team that develops its projects within an innovative coworking space in Brussels.

Urban adventures integrator (remote)

Urban adventures integrator (remote)

In order to accompany Coddy's geographical growth, we are looking for a Game Integrator using integrated tools for the configuration of new games in new cities, without physically going there.

After learning a scenario, the deployment of a game in a new city consists in :

  • Selection of points of interest
  • Route configuration
  • Writing specific puzzles
  • Writing information on POIs
Freelance Scriptwriter (or without status)

Freelance Scriptwriter (or without status)

We are constantly looking for new creative talents to be paid to create new games and experiences.

It is not necessary to be a freelancer in order to receive an income from these services. Contact us to find out more.

Web Marketing intern

Web Marketing intern

We are looking for a web marketing intern to assist our marketing manager in the business development and promotion of Coddy:

  • creation of Facebook advertising campaigns
  • social network management
  • communication and content creation (newsletters, blogpost)
  • creation of SEA campaigns (Google Adwords)
Intern in illustration/drawing/design

Intern in illustration/drawing/design

We are looking for an illustrator, designer, cartoonist to illustrate game scenarios or tourism discovery scenarios.

  • creation of storyboards according to the scenarios
  • creation of specific atmospheres and settings (zombie, detective, magic)
  • creation of characters in relation to these stories
  • making puzzles consistent with these illustrations
Intern in Tourism or Art History

Intern in Tourism or Art History

We are looking for a trainee in tourism, history or art history to assist us in the creation and writing of new routes.

  • creation of unusual tourist routes
  • creation of games and puzzles related to the history or elements of different cities (monuments, architecture, ...)
  • deployment of existing games in new cities
Communication intern

Communication intern

We are looking for a communication intern to assist our Marketing Manager in the promotion of Coddy:

  • creation of content (blog articles, website page, newsletters) towards certain target groups
  • communication with customers and prospects in these target groups
  • creation of email campaigns
  • management of social networks (linkedin, facebook, instagram)

Very good French spelling is essential for this position in order to be able to work independently (without correction).

It is essential to also speak French or Dutch correctly in order to apply for one of these intern offers. 

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