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Start by finding some good friends to play with.

Start by finding some good friends to play with.

First thing to do: find all your team members! Go on Facebook, Insta, Snap, WhatsApp or talk to your Aqua-Poney club. 

Choose your smartest, bravest or funniest friends for your team of 2 to 6 players max. 

You will have to choose a team captain who will enter the answers in the app during the game. But if he or she sucks, you can swap the lead at any time. Got any buddies? You can move on.

Ask your team to download Coddy

Ask your team to download Coddy

To play, you'll need your smartphone and the Coddy app. Download it and at the same time spread the word to your friends. It's more convenient for each team member to follow the game on their own smartphone.

You can prepare your team by playing our free short versions, which help you understand the mechanics of the app and give you a good introduction to what you will find in the urban games. These games can be played at home, each at home and are available directly in the app.

You can organise a Codd-e-péro and start a free game all together virtually.

Choose your game

Choose your game

Choose the game you would like to play with your friends, either at home or in the city.

If you choose an urban Escape Game, then choose the city that suits you best from the cities available on our site. Pick up your ticket on our website and you will receive a code by email to play. Once purchased, the game can be played whenever you want (ticket valid for one year after purchase)! You can even start the game directly.

Tips: In a whats'app conversation or a facebook event, remind your friends of the day and time of the game for those who are not sure🙄.

Let the app guide you

Let the app guide you

Once you enter the code in the app, your game will start directly. Let yourself be guided by the map on the app, which will direct you through the streets of the city (if you choose an urban Escape Game) and will show you the puzzles and missions to be carried out. You will also find in the app:

  • Missions: you can review the missions already completed. The progress bar in red also shows you where you are in the game.
  • Leaderboard: this is the leaderboard with all the teams that have already played the game. Try to collect as many points as possible to get to the top of the leaderboard!
  • Items: as the game progresses, you will be able to collect items that will undoubtedly be very useful at certain moments in your game. Consult them as much as you like and use them well!
  • Clues: the number of available clues is indicated and you just have to click on them to take advantage of them. Be aware that each clue costs points...
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