Urban Escape Games to discover the city in a new way?

Urban Escape Games to discover the city in a new way?

It's a new way to do an escape game: in the city of your choice and, via your smartphone, follow a path full of puzzles and challenges! 

All you need is the Coddy mobile app on your smartphone and a team of sleuths to embark on this urban adventure 🕵🏼

Have a great time with your family or friends to (re)discover your environment and the city from a different angle, you'll be amazed at what you can discover thanks to an urban escape game!

The urban escape game: a family escape game

The urban escape game: a family escape game

Coddy's urban adventures are an alternative to boring guided tours and a great excuse to spend some quality time with the family! Take your smartphone to the city of your choice and ask your teammates to solve the various puzzles. The kids will be delighted to explore the city this way!

Thanks to the urban escape game, they can have fun while playing tourist. Observe the smallest details of the city, have fun with well-crafted puzzles and work as a team, as a family!

As our urban adventures are open to all ages, you can invite your children to be part of your team and share the fun. It's a great way to bring the whole family together around an entertaining and rewarding outdoor activity.

📌 Good to know: our urban treasure hunts are recommended for children from 12 years old, to allow a better integration and participation within the team. Younger children are however welcome and will be able to help the older ones, the parents, during the observation riddles.

Urban Escape Game: a fun and original visit

Urban Escape Game: a fun and original visit

For families, but not only! You can explore the city thanks to our urban adventures with your friends, your colleagues, your partner, your dog, your hamster, your mother-in-law: take whoever you want with you!
Explore the streets of the city with your favourite teammates, discover the must-see places as well as the hidden corners, in a fun and original way 🤩

About our games

Play in the city with your smartphone

Play in the city with your smartphone

Finish your adventure in time!

Finish your adventure in time!

Be the first in the ranking!

Be the first in the ranking!

📱 An Escape Game played in the city with your smartphone

The urban escape game is a completely different experience: you are no longer locked in a room for 60 minutes, but the city becomes your playground! 

It's an adventure played with your smartphone and the Coddy mobile application, where you'll find all the instructions for your game. 

Immerse yourself in an exclusive scenario and follow the map on the mobile app to navigate and move around the city. Then, as a team, solve all the puzzles and complete the challenges that await you in the four corners of the city centre. Take a good look at your surroundings and (re)discover the city in a different way!

⏱ Finish your adventure within the time limit!

Just like in a classic escape game, a timer tells you how much time you have to complete your game. Find the answers to the riddles quickly to progress through the story!

📌 Good to know: all our adventures are not timed to allow adventurers who would like to take their time to do the game at their own pace.

🏆 Rank yourself first in the leaderboard!

Each answer can earn - or lose - you points during the game. Try to earn as many points as possible to get on the leaderboard! You can find the leaderboard on the page of your chosen game. So challenge your team and try to win the first place! 🥇

How to start the adventure?

How to start the adventure?

👉🏼 Choose the scenario you like most on our website, as well as the city you would like to play in. Then place your order.

📲 Download the Coddy app from your favourite app store.

📧 You will receive your game code by email: you have to enter it directly in the mobile application. You will be able to use it on 2 to 6 smartphones, allowing your team members to follow the game simultaneously. 

📍 With your team, meet at the starting point indicated in the email or on the app.

🕵🏼 All enter the code in the app, choose your team leader (everyone can become one in turn, at any time during the game)

🤩 Start your adventure and have fun!


Coddy are urban adventures that promise you an original experience, during which you will (re)discover a city while playing!

We offer urban Escape Games, treasure hunts in no less than 9 countries!

You will be guided through the city by your smartphone and our mobile app, and you will have to solve riddles and complete various missions/challenges within a given timeframe (or not, it's up to you!).

These adventures are played in teams, from 2 to 6 players. Several themes and scenarios are available, including games specifically created for kids (8 to 12 years old).

Download our application and test our free "The Globe Trotter" game to better understand the principle!

It's very simple Karen!

Browse our website, and select the game and the city of your choice. Once you have paid for your urban adventure, you will receive a game code by email for your team.

Then download our Coddy mobile app, share the code with your teammates and enter it into the app.

Then let the app guide you: it will tell you the starting point, the rules of the game, etc.

📌 By the way, you have 3 years after your purchase to go on the adventure! You determine the date and time of your game.

Our games last on average between 1.5 and 3 hours.

For some games, you can decide to time your game or to do your adventure at ease.

The actual time of your game depends on your speed and ability to solve our puzzles 😉

You have 3 years after your purchase to go on an adventure!

You determine the date and time of your game.

If you want to start your game at 8am, 4pm or midnight, it's up to you.

That depends, Karen, do you have the IQ of a mussel or Einstein? 🤔

In our games, you will find sometimes complicated puzzles and sometimes easier ones. In any case, clues will always be present to help you!

To play, we recommend that you have :

  • At least one working smartphone per team;

  • A full battery;

  • Possibly, even an external battery;

  • Mobile data (don't worry, it doesn't use much);

  • Bought a game on our website (This could be handy...);

  • A relatively developed brain;

  • And a fun (and competent) team!

Not at the moment, but we are working on it!

But you can play other games in the city or go on an adventure in another city!

We'll roll out the red carpet for you and shower you with gold!

Once the game is over, you'll receive an email with your photos of the game!

We also invite you to leave us a note and a comment to share your feelings about the experience!

Then, if you want more, check out our website for more games!

Yes, we are always trying to add new worlds and new challenges to our catalogue of games!

Have you checked your mailbox ( including junk mail) ? It is possible that our mail has slipped into your spam! This will not happen again if you join our newsletter Karen 😉

If you still haven't received the confirmation email with your code, contact us via the chat on our website.

You do what you want, Karen! But beware, time is running out! ⏲️ (In some adventures)

If you can't control your bladder, your appetite or the urge to take 30 selfies, you can always pause the game and resume it later! However, it is important to return to the same location...

For an outing with family, friends, but also with colleagues, for your bachelorette/bachelor party, or for your next school outing!

Contact us for your team building or school outing, we'll organise a perfect event with you: events@coddygames.com

At least 1 charged smartphone per team. For a better immersion, it is advisable to have more than one and to follow the story on your own phone.

You are more than 6 Karen? How crazy!

Several possibilities are available to you:

  1. Buy several teams for a better game experience.

  2. Decide to play all together in one team. This means that your experience may be impacted.


For 8 players, we recommend creating 2 teams of 4 people. But it is possible to play all together as well. In this case, two people will not have access to the game in the application, because we activate the game code on 6 smartphones only per team.

The principle of urban games is that they are played outdoors, in the city, dear Karen. 😌 But wait! If you're interested in Escape Games at home, we've got something for you:

  • Try our free games: download our app and try your luck with our free games. It's a great way to get a taste of what's to come when you play in your own town.

  • Opt for at-home Escape Games by Escape Kit. Really cool people who create quality printable Escape Games! ✨ Different themes, for all ages! Choose amongst Harry Potter, Arsène Lupin, Alice in Wonderland or even The Little Prince, you'll be spoilt for choice 😉

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