A 120-minute Escape Game to discover the city in a different way!

  • 120 min
  • Language: fr
  • 6 km
  • 36 Missions
  • Mobile data required
  • Adults Teenagers Family Couple Retired Kids
  • Pets allowed

Tickets for Sorcery in Durbuy will go on sale soon.

Starting Point
Rue du Comte Théodule d'Ursel, 6940 Durbuy

Some of the places you're going to see

Topiary Park
Église Saint Nicolas

Sorcery in Durbuy is an urban escape game playable on smartphone in teams of 2 to 6 players.

  • Discover the tourist and hidden corners of the city.
  • Historical anecdotes about the monuments and façades of the city.
  • Possibility to challenge your team to finish the game in 2 hours or do it at your own pace.
  • Get the highest score in the city.



All our games are safe from a health point of view. Players only interact with members of their own group. Only the smartphone guides the group. Starts are not orchestrated, you start when you want, thus limiting the risk of crossing other groups.

This game is only available in French. It will soon be available in English and Dutch. 

In Sorcery in Durbuy, you will..

Solve city-centered puzzles!

Solve city-centered puzzles!

Here, the city itself is the heart of the game. Look up, down, on the ground, on facades, statues, monuments: you'll have to look everywhere to find the answers!

Explore and (re)discover Durbuy!

Explore and (re)discover Durbuy!

You will observe the city and its secrets, everything you don't see at first sight! Sometimes you will even learn information, little fun facts about the buildings or the city itself! A nice mix between gaming and tourism - game-ism!

Time your ride!

Time your ride!

Just like in a classic Escape Game you will have a stopwatch all along your course. Use it to challenge yourself and finish the game in 2 hours, or just as a guide and do the course at your own pace!

Sanitary measures Covid-19

Image street
No contact outside the group.
Image street
The games are played outside.
Image street
No more than 4 players per team.
Image street
Wearing a mask is recommended.

Our games are designed to be compatible with the health measures following the Covid-19 pandemic. However, please respect the usual barrier gestures as well as the exceptional measures taken by the municipal administration of the game you wish to play.

Coddy stars

Leaderboard (50 first)

2600 Points
2 Durbu
1930 Points
3 Les Chatons
1065 Points

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