An original gift idea

It's Karen's birthday, and we "still" have to find her a present. To avoid wasting time and risk to displease, buy her a Coddy gift card. She'll get to live 2 hours of adventure, enigmas and urban discovery in Belgium and France. And if you're nice enough Jean-claude, you may be able to accompany her!
Gift Card Coddy
Team Spirit

Team activity

It's magical, you give him a gift and since it's a team activity ... BIM! You enjoy it too, it's pretty cool...

Team Spirit

Whenever you want

No need to book a date, once you have received the team code, just launch the app and let's go!

Team Spirit

The code is valid 1 year

Is it raining today? A new episode of GOT is out? No problem, you'll launch the game later, the code is valid 365 days.

After the purchase, how does it go?

  • You receive a pdf document to print out
    Put it in a nice envelope and give it to Karen, or send it to her by email but it's less cool.
  • Karen contacts us by email or chat with the personal code she will find on the document pdf
    We will ask her in which city she wants to play and we will communicate her team code.
  • Within 365 days, she will be able to start her adventure,
    Hopefully she will ask you to participate :)

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