The concept of urban Escape Game

A new way to play an escape game, via your smartphone, by following a route in the city center filled with puzzles. You will be guided and geolocated by the application in each place you visit in order to solve all the games and riddles.

An excellent choice to discover the city of Manchester as a team, with your family or friends.

Escape game Manchester: a fun and original visit

Have you ever visited Manchester? Or do you live in the city and have you ever taken the time to admire it from every angle? Well, thanks to the Urban Escape Games you can do just that! Our games will take you all over the city to visit its best areas (like the Northern Quarter), discover its most beautiful monuments (like the Town Hall, the Cathedral or the John Rylands Library) and marvel at its fabulous street art!

Put yourself in the shoes of your favourite investigator and explore the city with the help of our mobile application and the game of your choice: solve all the mysteries that arise for you and complete your mission in time! This is the challenge that awaits you! With this game, you will discover or rediscover Manchester in a completely different way.

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The escape game Manchester better than the escape room

An outdoor activity like no other, the life-size escape game is a trendy variant of the traditional treasure hunt and escape room; it is an adventure that is carried out with the help of your smartphone.

You will walk through the streets of Manchester and discover various places in the city with the help of the map included in the application. You will then have to solve puzzles that sometimes require a lot of observation in order to spot details or information that are not directly perceptible.

The main advantage of the Urban Escape Game is the tourist dimension it adds to the game. The urban escape game is the best way to get to know a city, its key places as well as its hidden corners, in a fun and original way.

(Re)discover Manchester by solving riddles

Take a stroll down Canal Street, Chinatown, NOMA, the old docks or the city centre and find out all about Manchester! With our urban Escape Games, you will go to the best areas of Manchester to solve all the riddles that the city's streets hold. You'll pass by the most beautiful monuments such as the University of Manchester, the Town Hall or the Manchester Cathedral!

Manchester Town Hall - Manchester
Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Street Art - Manchester
Manchester Street Art
Manchester University - Manchester
Manchester University
Manchester Street Art - Manchester
Manchester Street Art
Manchester City Center - Manchester
Manchester City Center
Manchester Pub - Manchester
Manchester Pub
Manchester Old Building - Manchester
Manchester Old Building

The advantages of visiting Manchester through a treasure hunt

Thanks to original scenarios, our escapes games in Manchester offer participants the possibility to stop at various emblematic places in Manchester, to be in the middle of the action and to dive into an immersive adventure.

With the help of your phone, you will make incredible cultural discoveries while having fun.

You'll move around in a real world, but with a little bit of sublimation thanks to our original scenarios.

You will no longer be a simple visitor walking through the streets, rediscovering the different districts of the city, but you will become an adventurer, a hero of a quest! This is the promise of our urban escape games in Manchester.

Explore Manchester and discover its hidden gems

Choose an urban adventure in Manchester now and in a few minutes you'll be exploring the city while having fun.

Choose an adventure

The urban escape game: a family escape game

Children are probably the hardest to keep focused during a guided tour. They are quickly dissipated and don't care about historical anecdotes or seeing yet another church on their way!

This outdoor escape game will allow you to entertain your children while showing them around Manchester, without them even realising it!

It's the perfect way to explore the city, let them blow off steam, have fun with various puzzles and work as a team as a family.

The best attractions in Manchester

Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Street Art
Manchester University
Manchester Street Art
Manchester City Center
Manchester Pub
Manchester Old Building

Our good plans

Neighbourhoods not to be missed

๐Ÿ“ Northern Quarter and its street-art
๐Ÿ“ Castlefield and its canals
๐Ÿ“ Chinatown for its South East Asian specialities
๐Ÿ“ Salford and its Old Trafford stadium for football fans

The 5 best restaurants

๐Ÿฅ‘ Mana (British)
๐Ÿš Dishoom (Indian food)
๐Ÿฅฉ Where the lights gets in (British)
๐Ÿฅ• The French at the Midland (British)
๐ŸŒถ Hispi (traditional British cuisine)

Top 5 bars

๐Ÿท Lock 91
๐Ÿธ The Liar's Club
๐Ÿฅƒ The Alchemist Manchester
๐Ÿบ YES
๐Ÿน The Pen & Pencil

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