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Investigation: The Walter Case - Namur
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A 120-minute investigation in the streets of Namur!

While investigating a banal blackmail story against a billionaire CEO, you learn that a bomb is hidden in the city, ready to explode in two hours! You are the only one with enough leads to defuse it in time... Tick, tock, tick, tock: the countdown has started!

Play as a private detective and experience an immersive police investigation in the heart of the city! The story will evolve according to your choices: you alone decide which route to take, which suspects to question and which places to search. Will you be up to the task?

Storyline by Coddy

Investigating a disappearance, murder or supernatural affair in this type of gambling.


In " Investigation: The Walter case " in Namur, you will...

Make decisions that will influence your adventure

Make decisions that will influence your adventure

When choices are available to you, know that they will take you in different directions and that these choices can have a significant impact on your adventure! You are conducting the investigation, so you will decide who to interview, who to visit, where to search, etc.

Solving Scenario Puzzles

Solving Scenario Puzzles

You will need to investigate this scenario and untangle the real from the fake! The information you discover will help you find the culprit and, in the best case scenario, save people from a threatening bomb. The riddles are therefore all about the story and less about your environment. But some of the riddles in the game may require you to look around to find the answer!

Escape before the end of the stopwatch (120 min)

Escape before the end of the stopwatch (120 min)

Escape Game means Timer*! The timer starts with the first mission you have to complete: you then have 120 minutes to escape! Be on time, find the culprit and save the inhabitants of Namur, or the bomb will explode...

* You can also try the game in a relaxed mode, without a stopwatch.

Investigations Citywide Escape Game in Namur

Starting Point
Rue des Bouchers, 5000 Namur
5 next days forecast in city
Light Cloud Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Showers Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Light Rain Brussels
Coddy stars

Leaderboard (50 first)

1 Toussaint
2980 Points

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