A 120-minute Escape Game to escape from the zombies

  • 120 - 180 min
  • Languages: fr nl en
  • 4.5 km
  • 25 - 30 Missions
  • Pets allowed
  • Adults
  • Mobile data required
  • Charge your smartphone!

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Starting Point
Place aux Foires, 6940 Durbuy

Some of the places you're going to see

Église Saint Nicolas
Topiary Park

Escape the zombies in your city!

Dozens of cities have been infected with the Z-1 virus and invaded by hordes of zombies.

Run and hide or face the enemy? Save yourself or help your fellow citizens?

Your actions will affect your entire adventure.

If you're brave enough, smart enough and think you're up to the task, get your friends together (more chances of getting out of here...or not, who knows?!), book your ticket to Rise of the Dead and embark on the infected adventure in one of the following cities:

Brussels, Mons, Antwerp, Namur, Liège, Charleroi, Bruges or Ghent.

In Rise of the Dead Durbuy, you'll ...

Make decisions that will influence history

Make decisions that will influence history

Running away or confronting the infected? Saving only your own skin or the skin of others too? When choices are available to you, know that they will lead you in different directions and that they can have a significant impact on your adventure!

Solving Scenario Puzzles

Solving Scenario Puzzles

The scenario is entirely based on a story of zombies and a contaminated city that must be fled at all costs. The puzzles are therefore all related to the story and less to your environment. However, some of the puzzles in the game will still require you to look around you to find the right answer!

Escape before the end of the stopwatch (120 min)

Escape before the end of the stopwatch (120 min)

Escape Game means Timer! The timer starts on the first mission you have to complete: you then have 120 minutes to escape! Be on time and survive, or get stuck with the infected...

Sanitary measures Covid-19

Image street
No contact outside the group.
Image street
The games are played outside.
Image street
No more than 4 players per team.
Image street
Wearing a mask is recommended.

Our games are designed to be compatible with the health measures following the Covid-19 pandemic. However, please respect the usual barrier gestures as well as the exceptional measures taken by the municipal administration of the game you wish to play.

Coddy stars

Leaderboard (50 first)

1 Bury
3040 Points
2 king's
2880 Points
3 Marine bg
2610 Points
4 The Durbs
2480 Points
5 Licorn's team
2350 Points
6 La family
2330 Points
7 RoCaLu
2040 Points
8 les zombies chinois
1970 Points
9 Mex
1880 Points
10 MNC
1390 Points
11 vibe
1310 Points
12 Les Djobins
470 Points
13 Didier
0 Points

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