Our urban adventures are a great way to spend an afternoon with the family and delight both young and old. On the program: games, fun, discovery & sharing.

We explain it all below 👇🏻

Family time in London with young people

With the stress of everyday life and everyone's activities, we don't always have the opportunity to share quality time with our family. Live an original and fun family experience with our urban adventures! As a team, all together behind the same objective: succeed in your mission.

Feel the excitement of your family members in front of the timer, their wonder at the discovery of the city and their pride at the resolution of an enigma! Our Urban Escape Games guarantee you a fun time with your family!

Our games in London

Activity to do with teenagers in London

Do you want to motivate your teenagers to go out with their families? Offer them an urban Escape Game! They don't have to take their phone off the hook, they just have to download the Coddy app! And that won't stop them from sharing this activity with their family, on the contrary!

If they are looking for fun, games and (not too) complicated puzzles, you have come to the right place! Challenges, riddles and missions to be completed: our urban adventures will challenge them!

And all this while getting some fresh air and helping them to (re)discover a city, isn't life great?

Easy to organize with the family

A simple family activity to set up? It's the Urban Escape Game, of course! 😌

Nothing complicated to organize an urban adventure with your family: just place an order on our website. You choose the game and the city where you want to play, and that's it!

  • No booking necessary, you play whenever you want. Once the game code is activated, you're ready to go!

  • The code is valid for 3 years: rain, work or other impediment? Just postpone.

  • You won't need anything! Except for your well-charged smartphone and possibly an external battery for safety.

Give an escape game as a gift

By choosing an urban escape game as a gift, you are offering a family experience that is out of the ordinary and that manages to bring young and old together around the same fun and playful challenge!

Do you think this urban adventure idea is great AND do you even know a nice little family to give this wonderful gift to? 😇

Then choose our gift card: they can even play with it and solve the riddle it contains! 😮 Do you think they will rise to the challenge? 😏