Our bachelor(ette) party games in Liège

Why choose an urban Escape Game for your bachelorette party in Liège?

Why choose an urban Escape Game for your bachelorette party in Liège?

For a change from spas, karaoke and other banal activities that are usually done for a bachelorette party, choose an urban escape game!

  • Easy to organize: no reservation, played only with a smartphone

  • Explore the city of your choice: you observe your environment to answer the riddles

  • Original and fun: you play while exploring the city

  • Keep memories: thanks to the in-game photo missions

Cherry on the cake

  • You don't need to be an expert to play: thanks to the clues, you can always move on to the next puzzles

  • Available in several languages: if your team is bilingual, everyone can play the game in their own language

  • Different themes: you will have the choice to please the future bride.

Coddy stars

They loved their activity with Coddy!

C'était très bien! Par contre, sur l'énigme de Saint Bar, la marche à suivre n'étais pas clair. on ne comprends pas bien où il faut appuyer.
Maxime The Alchemist - Liège
Sep 2022
I am a tourist who did not know Liège. I loved the game. It's a lot of fun and you get to know the city better. Very funny and entertaining. The games are a 10! I would definitely play again :)
Belen Crazytopia - Liège
Sep 2022
It was soo much fun! and the locations were very cute. Great way to enjoy the place!
Paula Crazytopia - Liège
Sep 2022

How does it work?

The following information applies only when you choose an urban adventure that is NOT our "Mates, Mess & Madness" game.

  1. Order codes on the website

    Choose the city and the game you want and select the number of teams you need. There is a maximum of 6 players per team, so if there are more, order as many codes as there are teams! You will then receive your code(s) by email with instructions :)

  2. Download the app before the activity

    Download the app and ask your teammates to do the same. You only need one (or more) smartphone(s) during the game, nothing else. Make sure you charge it before you play! You can even bring an external battery for safety.

  3. On D-day, go to the starting point

    Meet your friends at the starting point mentioned in the confirmation email. You can start the game at any time: when all the latecomers are present or even 364 days later! (The game is valid for one year after purchase)

  4. Solve puzzles and take pictures of yourself

    Observe your surroundings and answer all the riddles to complete your mission! Prepare your best poses and your best smile for the photo challenges: you'll get all this back in the Coddy journal at the end of the game :) A nice souvenir for the occasion!

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