A new type of Escape Games in the Fiery City

How to visit Liège, Lîdge or Liéchh (I don't know anymore) in a playful way ? Oufti the outdoor escape games what a question ! That way, in addition to having fun, we enjoy the city. Nice, isn't it ?

The concept of urban Escape Game

The best way to combine game and visit is to follow the course of an escape game, guided by your smartphone, in the heart of Liege. You will be guided and geolocated by the application in each place you visit so that you can solve all the games and puzzles. An excellent choice to discover the city of the prince-bishops with your family, your team or your friends. 

Play to City-Wide Escape games in Liège

Escape Game

Rise of the Dead Liège

Escape the zombies in your city!Dozens of cities have been infected with the Z-1 virus and invaded by hordes of zombies.Run and hide or face the...


Visit the city by playing an Escape Game?

By playing our urban treasure hunt, you will visit the most popular and unmissable places in the city such as Place Saint-Lambert or the Montagne de Bueren, but also more hidden and sometimes even unusual and forgotten places in the city. It's an original, fun activity open to all! You can play our games during an afternoon with friends, with your family, for a bachelor(ette) party or to create links with your colleagues during a team building!

Afternoon with friends?

Afternoon with friends?

Our games are played in teams - from 2 to 6 players maximum - and are controlled by your smartphone.

As a couple or with friends, you will travel around Liège in search of the answers to the riddles. For some games, you will have to make crucial choices that will determine the rest of your adventure! Be careful to choose your teammates carefully: you will have to have enough confidence in them to succeed in this adventure!

Share a good moment, shine in front of your partner or your friends, it's time to show what you are capable of! Coddy will help you to immortalize this experience!

Bachelor(ette) party to organize?

Bachelor(ette) party to organize?

Out of ideas for the next bachelor(ette) party you have to organize? After the spa, the karting, the pub crawl and the stripteaser you are looking for an original idea that could please everyone? Don't bother anymore and try Coddy!

In the streets of Liège, play an Escape Game! Stroll through the city, solve puzzles, missions, even add prizes for the future bridegroom and enjoy your day! Come on, don't look any further and contact us!

Team Building in Liège?

Team Building in Liège?

If you want to impress your colleagues at your next Marketing & Sales seminar, organize a team building event with Coddy. We organize the Escape Game course around the place where your event takes place.

Challenge your colleagues and in small teams of 6 people, face each other to be the first to solve all the puzzles! More info about team building.

Liège in a different way

Coddy are Escape Games with of course riddles to solve and clues to help you (in case all the brains don't work...). They are also missions to realize: places to reach in a given time, photos to take, videos, ... Throughout the game you will walk around Liège, which will allow you to (re)discover this city while playing. This is the opportunity to see Liège in a different way...

Discover the secrets of Liège

To make sure that you will see the most epic places in Liège, Coddy has arranged his routes around the city's must-see places, some of which are listed below. Of course, it's not about making a tourist-catching itinerary: other more hidden, more secret places of the city that you probably don't know are also included in our itineraries.

Liège-Guillemins railway station

Liège Theater

La Boverie

Liège or...

  • The Fiery city: which is in fact the title of a historical book at the beginning, later used to qualify the economic dynamism of the city. Today we keep this nickname to refer to the warm and lively side of the city and its inhabitants. 
  • The city of Reds (pronounced Rouches): that's how we call the players of the Standard, a famous football team (but not really for its victories #oops).
  • The city known for its railway station (Liège-Guillemins): designed by the Catalan Santiago Calatrava, it is one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world (it took about ten years, though...). 

You'll need a smart team to solve this. Get them ready now.