The young Brussels startup Coddy, which is revolutionising the way you can visit a city, has just closed its first fundraising for €600,000. With this, they want to further develop their adventures in Spain and Italy.

This fundraising was realised with Digital Attraxion, Finance&Invest.Brussels, Business Angels as well as the Belgian participative investment platform Spreds, where 87 private investors have chosen to participate in the Coddy adventure.

Coddy in a few words

Since 2020, Coddy has been creating urban escape games on smartphones that allows users to discover a city through play. Inspired by the principles of escape rooms, the company offers its players the opportunity to explore cities in a new and interactive way guided by their smartphones with their family, friends or colleagues. Unforgettable memories are made thanks to original, geo-localised and immersive experiences.

Replicating the Belgian model internationally

Coddy has convinced its investors thanks to good financial results, but also thanks to an ambitious international growth plan.

- Sébastien Balieu, CEO of Coddy.

Having established itself as a real success in Belgium in 2020 with a coverage of 17 cities, the company was able to replicate its model in France in 2021 by remotely launching 26 new cities. The goal for 2022 is to apply the same deployment strategy to Spain and Italy.

New technological developments

The creation of new games by the Coddy team is facilitated by the internal development of technologies based on robots (bots) and by the integration of data from various open source platforms that speed up the team's work and research. Coddy is now able to roll out adventures all over the world from Brussels.

Whereas in 2020 we needed three weeks to release a new adventure, we now manage to do so in just three days.

- Stéphane Draux, CTO of Coddy.

The company is planning major technological developments to accelerate their expansion and further improve the user experience.

Recruiting new talents

This fundraising allows us to hire 6 people who will reinforce the team of 5 people already in place.

- Didier Boulvin, C3PO of Coddy

In order to offer the future adventurers the best possible experience, Coddy wants to recruit new talents who speak Dutch, Italian and/or Spanish fluently in various fields such as marketing, sales, development and the creation of new games.

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Written by: Coddy | Updated at: 17-01-2022

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