Discover Coddy's city games

Have a great time with family, friends or even colleagues with our city games. It's an original, fun, easy to organise activity for which you only need your smartphone! (Re)discover the city of your choice with our city games: explore its nooks and crannies by solving riddles! Your adventure starts now!

How to play the Coddy city game?

It's easy to get started Karen, just follow these steps:

  • Choose a city on our website
  • Order the game of your choice
  • Download the Coddy app
  • Follow the instructions you received by email when you ordered
  • Go there and start the game with your team

A city game with clues

But who are the Coddy city games for? For everyone, of course!

Well, almost everyone: our games are recommended for ages 12 and up! Once you know how to read, write, understand the word games and have a minimum of gumption for the puzzles, nothing should stop you!

And if you still get stuck? There are plenty of clues to help you! No need to panic, you'll be able to finish your game no matter what.

Themed city games

To vary the pleasures, different themes of city games are available in our catalogue:

  • Medieval / Fantastic: Explore the city and its medieval past to unravel the truth about witchcraft. 🧙🏻
  • Detective: Lead an intriguing police investigation through the city. Are you ready to discover the truth?🕵🏼
  • Exploration: Challenge yourself with puzzles in the city centre to see the city like you've never seen it before! 🤩
  • Apocalyptic / Zombie: Escape, run and surprise your teammates in an apocalyptic world. The important thing is to survive!🧟♀️
Coddy stars

What they think of Coddy's city games

Not convinced yet? Then maybe these testimonials will help you take the plunge and try our city games. They came, they saw, they liked it!

Amazing fun, helped us see parts of the city that we wouldn't have seen if we were wondering aimlessly.
Dan Escape Brussels Hangover
Feb 2024
Great game easy to follow and fun to play. Enjoyed reading the history of the places we visited
Juanalee The Walter Case - Glasgow
Feb 2024
Our family of four with kids ages 12 and 15 loved the adventure. The whole family was engaged. Perfect even for the teenagers.
Inge The Walter Case - Madrid
Jan 2024

Choose the city in which to play Coddy

Now you just have to make the right choice. Where do you want to try your first Coddy game?

5 criteria for a good city game

To get the most out of your city game, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Check the weather: it is better to play on a sunny day. If it rains, you can always postpone your game, as it is valid for 365 days!
  • Allow about 2h30 for the game: depending on the speed of your team, the breaks you want to take, ...
  • Use an app, like Coddy: it will be your guide. A map to navigate around, puzzles to challenge yourself, good design!
  • Make sure you can count on your team: choose smart people to accompany you! Otherwise, at worst, the clues will be there to help you...
  • Choose a city you don't know: it's the opportunity to discover new landscapes, Instagrammable places and unusual corners ;-)
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