A bachelorette party to organise?

Find in this article some ideas of activities to organise for your friend's bachelorette party. We also explain the average budget for a bachelorette party and other practical details.

The ideal activities for a bachelorette party

1. (Urban)Escape game 🧩

1. You can organise an escape game session to test your girlfriends' puzzle-solving skills and see how good your teamwork is. It's also a good time to see if the communication between you, before the stresses of D-day, is up to scratch!

2. Urban Escape Game: for an original alternative to the escape room, we suggest you go and discover a city with an urban adventure. With the Urban Escape Game, you play, you visit, you drink... (or not necessarily), you solve the riddles and you make nice and funny challenges too! All of this is done in an offbeat, crude, sometimes vulgar but always funny tone with a highly developed sense of humour and a strong second degree.

2. DIY workshop 🌸

Does your friend like handicrafts? Then organise a DIY workshop where you can create jewellery, decorations or accessories. You could even collect the items created for the wedding and decorate the wedding location. For example:

  • Flower crown workshop: so that all the bridal party can wear a similar accessory. A nice touch for the wedding photos.

  • Jewellery workshop: you can create your own personalised jewellery, to remember this wedding day and this wedding for the rest of your life.

3. Camping trip ⛺️

Is your friend a former scout or training for the next Survivor? Then you can organise a camping trip for a night in the wilderness, go for a hike, and end with cocktails and music around a fire.

4. Spa 💅🏻

It's basic, yes, but it's always so nice. A spa day to relax and be pampered: massages, facials or manicures to relax before the big day.

5. Dance lessons 💃🏻

An activity that can be fun and that would also create beautiful memories during the wedding is to book a dance class to learn a choreography together, to reproduce on the wedding day. This is an opportunity to surprise the groom with a fun dance and show off the bride.

  • It can also be done in a pole dancing class: be careful, it's sporty! And you shouldn't do it a few days before the wedding, as you may end up with a few bruises.

6. Shopping day 🛍

Simple, basic. The shopping day is the best thing to do when you don't know what the bride really wants to do. What girl doesn't like to spend the afternoon in the shops and get some clothes? Oh yes, Karen, it's your treat!

7. Cooking classes 👩🏻‍🍳

To learn new recipes and cooking techniques: obviously, since women's place is in the KITCHEN. It's humour, Karen, calm down.

Cooking classes are just the perfect opportunity to taste all the different things you and your mates will be cooking. And it's not just cooking classes, you can also go on a cocktail workshop, a champagne and wine tasting, or even go and create your own beer.

8. Photo shoot 📸

Photo shoots are often seen as a chore, something awkward and not always comfortable in front of the camera. But here you can book a session and train yourself and the bride to feel relaxed in front of the camera. There is also the possibility to choose a theme or a location for the shoot, and have great photos for the memory. If you're in Greece, for example, there are photography services that offer dress shoots on the rooftops of Santorini. So, you can feel like a princess!

9. Weekend at the beach 🌊

You can book a weekend at the beach to enjoy the sun, sea and beach with your girlfriends. There are lots of fun activities to do at the beach such as paddle boarding, yoga, beach volleyball, kayaking or pedal boats and clubbing on the beach to end the day.

10. Show or concert 🎸

This is a rare activity, but if your mate's favourite artist is performing near you, why not offer their concert as an activity for their bachelorette party? It's always nice to share a concert with your mates!

Bachelorette: Mates, Mess & Madness - Barcelona

Bachelorette: Mates, Mess & Madness - Barcelona

Play Bachelorette: Mates, Mess & Madness - Barcelona

What is the average budget for a bachelorette party? 💸

This will depend on several things:

  • The number of guests

  • The length of the event

  • Where you are going to spend it

  • etc.

On average, in Europe, people will spend between 400 and 500€ per person: including accommodation, food, drinks, transport, activities and sometimes even including the bride's participation.

Of course this also means going abroad and spending a weekend in external accommodation. The cost of your bachelorette party can be greatly reduced by avoiding long journeys or an overnight stay.

Bachelorette party activities can also be very expensive. That's why we've come up with a cheap but equally fun bachelorette party alternative. The Urban Escape Game costs only €15 per person! The other advantage is that you don't even have to book it far in advance, unlike some services that are booked months in advance.

Who should organise the bachelorette party?

Generally, the maid(s) of honour is/are in charge of the organisation of the event. The bridesmaids can also participate and help with the organisation.

But if the group of friends is small enough, everyone can pitch in.

Mates, Mess & Madness 🥴 : the perfect escape game activity for your bachelorette party

Mates, Mess & Madness 🥴 : the perfect escape game activity for your bachelorette party

With our new urban adventure "Mates, Mess & Madness", celebrate your bachelorette party with an original activity, easy to organize.

Your mission? Save your bestie's wedding! 💍 Your weapons? Your group of friends. 🤝 The problem? Your group of friends. 😰