Cancelled camp or sick child: what to do?

It's a shame that your child's camp has been cancelled or that your child has been quarantined. But don't worry, you can still make the best of the situation and have a great time!

It is important to note that while cancelled courses can be disappointing, it is often to ensure the safety and quality of the programme for all participants (not enough children enrolled, instructors unavailable, location problems,...). Programmes usually do their best to inform participants as soon as possible and offer them other options or refunds.

But let's say they didn't offer you other options. That's why we're here. 👇

What if you can't take days off work to look after your child during their holiday?

What if you can't take a holiday to look after your child? Don't worry, there are still options. You can consider hiring a babysitter or nanny for the day, or see if family members or friends are available to help.

  • Contact grandma and grandpa: they'd love to look after their grandchild(ren), wouldn't they?

  • Ask your sister or brother to take an afternoon off?

  • Call your unemployed cousin

  • Ask your neighbour

Or suggest that other parents in your situation alternate looking after your children: take it in turns to take a day off work to look after your offspring.

If none of these options work, you can also consider enrolling your child in an online course. Many courses offer online programmes that your child can attend from home. This is a great way to keep them entertained and involved while you work.

Activities to plan for your child

First of all, let's plan activities that your child will enjoy.

Why not camp out in the garden? You can set up a tent, eat marshmallows, tell ghost stories and watch the stars. It's a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy nature without leaving the house.

Another idea is to have a movie marathon. Let your child choose a few of their favourite movies, make some popcorn and sit back on the couch for a relaxing and entertaining day.

If your child likes crafts, you can set up a craft workshop. Grab some construction paper, glue, scissors, markers and anything else you think they might need and let their creativity run wild.

And if your child is a bookworm, a reading marathon is a great idea! Set up a cosy reading corner with cushions and blankets and encourage your child to read for as long as they like.

Finally, go on an adventure with your child to the nearest town centre. With Coddy, go on a life-size treasure hunt. All you need is Coddy's mobile app. It will guide you through the city and take you on a playful tour of the city centre thanks to riddles! A great family activity to get the kids outdoors.

Family activities to do if your child's camp or course is cancelled

Here are some other fun activities you can suggest your child do with siblings or the whole family to replace a cancelled class:

  1. Urban Escape Games: go on an adventure with Peter Pan or the Marsupilami in your favourite city. Two great urban adventures for kids! Challenges and riddles await them in the city centre to help them (re)discover the city through play. A great way to get some fresh air without grumbling or dragging your feet!

  2. Organise a cooking competition. Give each person a basket of mystery ingredients and see who can make the best dish.

  3. Organise a treasure hunt with clues and prizes hidden around the house. Use Escape kit: ready-made escape games for children. Between superheroes, robbery or murder investigation, which one is for you? Just follow the instructions and print out the necessary materials to give the kids a great time!

  4. Play "Family Feud" or "Jeopardy" by asking questions about your family history and traditions.

  5. Hold a "One Minute to Win" contest with silly challenges like stacking Oreos on your forehead or balancing ping pong balls on a spoon.

  6. Play "The Floor is Lava" and see who can move around the living room without touching the floor.

  7. Host a talent show where each family member showcases their unique skills, whether it's singing, dancing or telling jokes.

  8. Play "Pictionary" or "Charades" with fun questions or jokes.

  9. Organise a themed movie night where everyone dresses up and the snacks are inspired by the movie.

  10. Organise an obstacle course in the neighbouring garden or park and see who can do it fastest.

  11. Play "You'd rather" with ridiculous and outrageous scenarios.

  12. Bring out your best board games: Uno, Who is it, Monopoly,...

These activities are sure to make you laugh and have fun!

In short, cancelling a camp or course doesn't have to ruin your child's holiday. With a little creativity and planning, you can still have fun with your child and make great memories together. And if you can't take a holiday to look after your children, don't worry, there are still other solutions.