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Why do an urban escape game with your students?

You want to organize a fun activity with your students? Are you tired of theater outings and having to deal with the chatter or museum outings and running after your misbehaving students? 

Here are the advantages of organizing an urban escape game with your students for your next school trip: 

Simple and efficient to organize

Organize your escape game in just a few clicks! No need to plan your fun activity months in advance! No need to plan an hour to wait in line or print tickets. Just go to our website and buy the game that best suits your needs depending on the city you are in. 
Once purchased, the game is valid for 365 days, and you can play it at any time of the week with your students. No more excuses: in case of unforeseen events, you can easily postpone, so you won't miss this unique moment!

Themes for all tastes

There are several urban Escape Game themes! You can choose the one that best fits your desires, your school program (if the link can be made 😉), the desire of your students...

You can choose between: 

  • Zombie Attack: Ideal to entertain your most dissipated students! A theme that works every time! Perfect for futuristic themes such as the apocalypse and the post-apocalyptic period, survival, etc. It combines the challenge of running away from zombies with thinking about puzzles suitable for all ages.
  • "Fantasy": Fantastic stories of witches, magic, urban legends or tales. Ideal to approach one of the most popular literary themes and then trace the legends of his country. Historical facts (real or not) are covered, and there are well-crafted riddles to allow all students to rack their brains while having fun.
  • Investigations: places to visit, witnesses to question, leads to follow... You have no right to make mistakes: find the culprit(s) before it's too late... Ideal to combine a cultural visit with a treasure hunt. A good opportunity to sharpen their sense of observation, small details and encourage them to follow and analyze several tracks before making their final decision!

A very affordable price

As we know, budgets for school outings are often quite limited. No need to make a financial plan for a simple class outing: you won't have to break the bank for this activity! 24,99€ for a team of up to 6 people, or 6,6€ per person. We can also offer you other more advantageous rates for large groups if several classes decide to go on an adventure together! So don't hesitate and contact us 😊

An intuitive and cultural activity

An urban escape game is not an activity like the others. You will be able to combine game and culture thanks to Coddy! Perfect for your students who will be absorbed by the city's heritage, while playing. They'll learn without knowing it and won't feel bored at all during the visit 😉 A great way to keep them attentive during your school trip!

Interested in an urban escape game?

Are you interested in organizing an urban escape game with your class? Discover our price offers on this page and contact us for a quote if you need one!

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