Long weekend November 2022

What to do this November long weekend? We've got a few ideas to keep you and your family busy this weekend!

You can still take advantage of the mild temperatures to try some outdoor activities like hiking, playing in the city or visiting a theme park. On the other hand, if cold weather is not your cup of tea, we have some ideas for you too!

1. An urban escape game during the weekend

1. An urban escape game during the weekend

A sure value to occupy your long weekend: an urban adventure from Coddy!

The Urban Escape Game or the city game will allow you to visit a city of your choice (among +40 cities) while playing! To date, 7 different scenarios are available. Adventures for children, teenagers, to be done with the family or others to be done between adults, between friends.

All you need is your smartphone to follow your quest and let yourself be guided through the streets of the city. You will discover unusual and touristy places to allow you to (re)discover the city differently!

Available in France, Belgium and 7 other countries!

Available languages: 🇫🇷 🇬🇧🇳🇱🇪🇸🇮🇹

2. Hiking during the weekend

If you like to walk in the woods, the forest, along the sea or through the fields in the countryside, this is still the time! The temperatures are not too cool, and the autumn colours are still present (depending on the location).

In this article, (in French), we listed the most beautiful hikes to do in Belgium, and more specifically in Wallonia.

But in Flanders too, there are some nice ideas for walks, including :

  • The Hoge Kempen National Park (Terhills)

  • The Sahara of Lommel

  • Fietsen door de bomen - Cycling trough the trees, in Bosland, near Lommel. Cycling, walking or running is possible for jogging fans!

  • There is also Fietsen door het water - Cycling through the water - in Bokrijk, also in Limburg. A walk for cyclists or walkers.

  • In the Zwin region, a nature park, in Knokke, there are beautiful walks to be done.

And in France, we also have some places to recommend!

  • On the small island of Porquerolles, in the south of France, there are several hiking and biking possibilities.

  • Mont Saint-Michel in Brittany. This is not really a hike, although the GR34 passes through here and is possible at other times of the year. We recommend a walk around the Mont and a visit to its abbey.

  • The Valley of the Lakes, in the Vosges. The White, Black, Forlet and Green lakes and the Etang des Dames. 26 km of walking for the most curious. And, for the easier version, you pass by only 3 lakes.

  • Lake Annecy: a walk along one of the most beautiful lakes in France.

  • Hiking in the Haut Jura Regional Nature Park.

  • Domaine de la Burthe, near Bordeaux

  • Along the Deûle canal, towards Lille. Or other loops are also available in the Lille area, here.

3. A theme park to occupy your long weekend

It's already the end of the season for some amusement parks. But, fortunately, some are still open for a few days, or even the whole winter! Here is a small list of parks that we recommend:

  • Disneyland Paris, of course! The winter season and the Christmas decorations start this November 12th, until January 8th!

  • Plopsaland in De Panne, Belgium. There is a Smurfs weekend planned for the long weekend of November 11th!

  • Aqualibi, in Wavre, Belgium. There are even night-time events planned for the long weekend.

  • Futuroscope, in Poitiers. It will be open on 11 November and then every Saturday and Sunday until 11 December and during the Christmas holidays.

4. Other activities to fill the long weekend

  1. Go to the ice rink

  2. Visit a museum or an exhibition (often on Sundays, admission to some museums is free)

  3. Spend your Sunday morning at a flea market.

  4. Start a Christmas movie marathon (they are already on Netflix 😰)

  5. Playing board games with the family

  6. Swap your Halloween decoration for Christmas decoration (while listening to Mariah Carey 🎅🏻🎶)

A busy long weekend!😉

So, Brigitte, with all these ideas, is there at least one you like?

If you decide, for example, without wanting to influence you, to try an urban adventure, sign up for our newsletter without further delay to get a small discount on your first adventure!😊

See you soon for more tips. 👋🏻

Written by: Coddy | Updated at: 09-11-2022
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