How to occupy your Sunday (or holiday)?👇🏻

It's always the fear of public holiday weekends: what are we going to do if everything is closed?

No, Karen, not everything is closed and there are plenty of things to do, at home or elsewhere, to keep you busy on a Sunday or public holiday! We list here 25 fun activities to do or other types of activities to simply occupy your time intelligently!😉

25 activities for a Sunday or public holiday

1. Museums

Some museums open their doors on Sundays and public holidays, and admission is free!

2. Exhibitions

Art galleries are also open on Sundays and public holidays. This is an opportunity to discover a new artist!

3. Flea markets

It's usually on Sundays that you venture to the flea markets in your region. We go there to hunt for retro toys, vintage dishes or furniture to restore.

4. Urban Escape Game

An urban adventure in the city of your choice: a fun game to (re)discover your city differently. A mobile application, a motivated team, that's all you need to have fun 😉 Several escape game or treasure hunt scenarios are available at Coddy. Choose your urban adventure here. 🧩📱

5. Walks, hikes

There are tons of walks to do in your area, for sure! What could be better than getting some fresh air in the countryside or in the forest. 🌲

6. Bike tour

And if walking doesn't make you feel like it, maybe a bike tour will motivate you more? 🚲

7. Manual Car Wash

This is a not too fun but very useful type of activity! A good cleaning for your car, a little vacuuming inside, and it's back on its way. 🚗 The same goes for cleaning your bike!

8. Tidying up, cleaning

And while we're at it, let's take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning on a Sunday! If you've got nothing else to do, this could be the opportunity to finally tidy up that room where you're piling up all that junk, closing the door tightly, so you never have to confront it. 🧹

9. Movie/series marathon

For the laziest or most tired (shall we say) of you: a little Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars or whatever marathon is in order. It's also time to try that series everyone's been talking about for ages.🎬

10. Batch cooking

Put your time to good use and use your Sunday or bank holiday to prepare meals for the whole week! It'll save you loads of time and allow you to do lots of other things on other days. 🍳

11. Sewing / Knitting

A little manual activity on this rainy Sunday? A bit of sewing to mend your trousers, or make your make-up remover wipes. Or knitting to prepare for winter with hats and scarves? 🥶

12. Painting / Ceramics

A more artistic activity? Paintings or small pots? It's up to you to see what you can do best. 🖼

13. Preparing cosmetics / home cleaning products

Sundays or holidays are also the time to prepare your home cleaning products or cosmetics. To avoid buying products that are sometimes harmful or packaged in polluting plastic, there are plenty of fun recipes to try out and for which you really don't need much to make your own products! 🧼

14. Brunch at the restaurant

Sunday means brunch, right? It's the best day to book a brunch with friends, and let yourself be served or stroll in front of a well-stocked sweet, salty and savoury buffet!🥞

15. Reading in a café

On Sundays, if you want to chill out but also get out of the house, the nice alternative is to sit in a café with a book. 📖

16. Sort through your wardrobe and sell your clothes

Another not so fun but really useful activity: sorting out your clothes! First of all, it allows you to see more clearly in your dressing room and on top of that, you can give a second life to your unused clothes by selling them to someone who could use them! Vinted is your best friend for this.

17. Work out (at home, or at the gym if open)

For the more motivated people reading this article, there are of course some great workouts to do on Sundays! Less people at the gym (for those that stay open) and therefore more time to enjoy the machines. 🏋🏽

18. Going to dinner with your family

The famous Sunday meal with the family: you go and say hello to granny or invite your sister over. Plan your whole afternoon with your family afterwards though because it rarely lasts more than an hour!

19. Take time for yourself: meditation, relaxation

A little meditation in the living room, a nice warm bath, relaxing music, essential oils or breathing exercises. On Sundays and holidays, we also like to take care of ourselves. 🛁

20. Botanical garden

A little trip to a park or a botanical garden for a green outing on Sunday is also possible, many remain open!🌿

21. Escape Room

Conducting an investigation and trying to escape in less than an hour? For the more daring, the escape room is also an alternative to occupy your Sunday or holiday! 🧩

22. Shopping in a thrift shop

Generally, most shops are closed on Sundays. But not thrift shops! Most of them stay open and are just waiting for you on Sunday. 👗

23. Animal park

Many animal parks don't close on Sundays and public holidays so that you or your children can come and enjoy and admire various animal species 🦫

24. Amusement park

Yet another type of park that does not close on Sundays! It is of course the amusement parks that stay open all weekend to offer you a maximum of sensations!🎢

25. Cinema

And finally, a little cinema session to see your next favourite film on the big screen is also possible on Sunday!🍿

  • BONUS: and, of course, the most important activity on Sundays: taking a nap, simply enjoying the rest! 🥱

Go on an adventure on Sunday (and/or public holiday)!

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Have fun ✨

Written by: Coddy | Updated at: 17-11-2022
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