Ghent, the "Manhattan of the Middle Ages"

Ghent, the medieval pearl of Belgium, dazzles with its architectural splendour and warm atmosphere. Canals wind their way through the old town, where historic Flemish architecture frames the Grand Place. The Belfort Tower, the city's landmark, offers spectacular panoramic views of the red rooftops and winding rivers. The cobbled streets of the Patershol Quarter reveal charming restaurants and quaint boutiques. Ghent also has a vibrant contemporary art scene, with striking murals and dynamic cultural events. This Belgian city combines history and modernity, captivating visitors with its timeless charm.

7 fun facts about Ghent

  • 👞 Café Dulle Griet and the shoe: Café Dulle Griet offers an unusual experience to customers who order the famous Max beer. As a guarantee, they have to leave a shoe which is then hoisted up to the ceiling. The shoe is returned once the glass is brought back.

  • 🌉 The Festival of Light: Ghent holds an annual festival of light, called the "Lichtfestival", where artistic light installations transform the city into a dazzling night-time spectacle, adding a magical and ephemeral dimension to the urban environment.

  • 🎨 Graffiti Street: Werregarenstraat, nicknamed Graffitistraatje (Graffiti Street), is the only legal place in Belgium where artists can freely express themselves on walls.

  • 🏛️ Ghent University Library: The University Library houses a unique underground reading room, called the "Boekentoren", which was designed to be a room for meditation and reflection, providing an intriguing contrast to the bustle of the rest of the library.

  • 🐒 Monkey statues at the Town Hall: Ghent's Town Hall is adorned with statues representing monkeys. According to legend, these monkeys symbolise the wisdom and prudence needed to govern well.

  • The Dominican Convent and the Well of Hell: The Dominican Convent is home to the "Well of Hell", so named because of its apparent depth and the darkness that reigns inside.

  • 🧵 A great city: In the 11th century, Ghent was the second largest city in Northern Europe after Paris, its growth due to its leading position in the production and trade of cloth.

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