Namur, the capital of Wallonia

Namur is a city rich in history and brimming with mysteries. Nestled at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, this historic city is a treasure trove of legends, secrets, and hidden treasures. From its ancient fortifications to its picturesque streets, Namur invites you to uncover its legendary tales and historical mysteries, offering a captivating journey through time.

10 fun facts about Namur

  1. The Legend of the Ironfoot 🏰

    Immerse yourself in the world of medieval legends with the fascinating story of the giant Namur, mythical guardian of the city's bridges. According to legend, this giant defied anyone who tried to cross, until his fateful encounter with Antigone, another giant. The epic battle that ensued resulted in the defeat of Namur, whose foot was chopped off and thrown into the river, giving the town its name. This story, a blend of mythology and local history, continues to capture the imagination of the people of Namur.

  2. The Secrets of the Citadel Tunnel 🕳️

    Explore the depths of the Citadel of Namur, where a complex network of tunnels runs beneath the fortress. These passages, dug through the centuries, served military and strategic purposes, providing refuge during sieges and an escape route in times of need. A visit to these tunnels is an immersive experience, revealing hidden chapters in the city's history, from echoes of forgotten battles to ingenious wartime stratagems.

  3. The Forgotten Passage of the Parliament 🚪

    At the heart of the Parliament of Wallonia lies a historic secret: a secret passage dating back to the 17th century. Rediscovered during recent renovations, this passage bears witness to the intrigues and stories that took place behind the official facades of power. The presence of this passage arouses the imagination, evoking secret meetings and decisions taken in the shadows, playing a key role in Namur's political history.

  4. Excavations at the Place d'Armes ⚔️

    The Place d'Armes, the vibrant heart of Namur, holds many buried secrets. During archaeological digs, Roman artefacts were discovered, revealing the historical importance of the town in antiquity. These finds, including coins, tools and pottery fragments, offer a fascinating insight into daily life in ancient Namur, providing a tangible link with the city's distant past.

  5. The remains of the Iron Gate 🏗️

    Hidden among Namur's modern buildings are the remains of the Iron Gate, a key element of the city's ancient fortifications. Although fragmentary, these ruins offer a rare glimpse of medieval Namur, testifying to the city's strategic importance and rich history. The discovery of these remains is a poignant reminder of Namur's evolution through the ages.

  6. The Legend of the Witch of Namur 🧙‍♀️

    The legend of the Witch of Namur is a spellbinding story that has spanned the centuries. It is said that a witch once inhabited the forests surrounding the town, weaving magic spells and potions. This legend, steeped in local folklore, continues to fascinate and inspire, adding a mystical layer to Namur's rich history.

  7. The Forgotten Cellar of Saint-Aubain 🍷

    Beneath Place Saint-Aubain lies an astonishing discovery: a forgotten cellar, filled with bottles of wine dating back to the 18th century. This cellar, rediscovered by chance, offers a direct link to Namur's gastronomic past. The preservation of these ancient wines is a testament to the region's wine-growing history and cultural heritage.

  8. The Ghost of the Théâtre Royal 👻

    The Théâtre Royal in Namur is not only home to cultural performances, but also to a ghostly presence. There are reports of apparitions and inexplicable phenomena, particularly during night-time performances. This ghost, whether real or imagined, adds a supernatural dimension to the history of this emblematic venue.

  9. Riddles in the Moretus Plantin Library 📚

    The Moretus Plantin Library is a treasure trove for lovers of historical riddles. With its collection of ancient books, some containing coded messages and riddles, this library offers a fascinating intellectual adventure. Every page turned is an invitation to decipher the secrets of the past.

  10. The Hidden Treasure of Saint-Loup Church 💎

    Saint-Loup Church, Namur's architectural jewel, is at the heart of an age-old quest. There are persistent rumours of a treasure hidden somewhere within its walls. This treasure legend has inspired numerous searches and continues to arouse the curiosity and imagination of visitors and locals alike.

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