Strasbourg, the Christmas capital

Strasbourg, the jewel of Alsace, enchants with its picturesque blend of history and modernity. The majestic Notre-Dame cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece, dominates the old town with its delicate spire. The peaceful canals of the Petite France district offer picturesque views of flower-filled half-timbered houses, creating a romantic atmosphere. Home to the European Parliament, Strasbourg pulsates with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Its cobbled streets reveal colourful markets and welcoming cafés, while the Franco-German influence is reflected in its deliciously distinctive cuisine. Strasbourg, where past and present intertwine harmoniously, offers a rich cultural experience at the heart of Europe.

10 fun facts about Strasbourg

  • 🎄 The first Christmas market in Strasbourg was held in 1570, on the three days preceding 24 December, to replace the St Nicholas market which was organised around 6 December. The city, which had become Protestant, named this Christmas market "Christkindelsmärik (Christ Child)".

  • 🦢 The force-feeding of geese was already practised in ancient Egypt, but the first foie gras pâté is said to have been made and presented in Strasbourg.

  • 🍷 Although Strasbourg is not part of the Alsace Wine Route, it is in Strasbourg that the world's oldest wine in a barrel is preserved. It dates back to 1472.

  • 🚲 Strasbourg is renowned for its cycling. Its network of cycle paths is the longest in France.

  • 🧴 The wash boat on the Ill: On the banks of the Ill, you can discover a "wash boat", a picturesque place to relax that evokes the time when washerwomen washed their clothes in the river.

  • 🏪 Traditional shop signs: Some shops in Strasbourg still have traditional wrought-iron signs, often depicting the product being sold in an artistic way. It's a charming heritage that dates back several centuries.

  • 🗳️ The European Parliament in the shape of a shell: Some see the resemblance of the European Parliament building to a scallop shell, a subtle nod to the emblem of the Way of St James, which runs through Strasbourg.

  • 🚋 The "Hansi" tram: Some of Strasbourg's trams are decorated with illustrations by Hansi, an Alsatian artist renowned for his humorous drawings. These trams add an original artistic touch to the urban landscape.

  • 🎺 The statue of the trumpeter in the cathedral: Next to the cathedral, a statue of a trumpeter pays tribute to the musicians who once warned the city of impending dangers. Legend has it that the trumpeter fell asleep while warning of the arrival of enemy troops.

  • 🌐 A city of two worlds: Strasbourg is a unique blend of French and German cultures, as the city has passed from one to the other several times over the course of its history. This cultural fusion is reflected in the architecture, the cuisine and even the Alsatian dialect, which combines French and German elements.

Plays in Strasbourg

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