Want to visit Switzerland? There are so many things to see in this country and so many places to discover. Take your friends or family on an unforgettable journey: choose from our selection of cities the one that tempts you the most and go on an adventure with your team. From must-sees to hidden gems, thanks to Urban Escape Games you can explore the whole country!

Urban Escape Games to visit Switzerland

Urban Escape Games are nowadays a fun way to discover a city and its sights. Let yourself be guided by the Coddy mobile application on your smartphone: you just have to follow the map to orient yourself in the city of  your choice. Your smartphone is your guide: it will show you where to go to reach a point of interest where you can solve a riddle or complete a mission. Thanks to urban escape games you can now visit, city after city, an entire country without ever getting bored!

Things to know about our games

1. You order on our website

You choose the city and the game of your choice and order for your team. One ticket is valid for a team of up to 6 people, so you only buy one ticket if there are 6 or less ;-) You will then receive an email with your game code to enter in the app. This code is the same for all the members of your team. Log in to the app and the game can begin!

2. Different types of riddles

Whether it's in our urban Escape Games or in our treasure hunts or other urban adventures, depending on the scenario you choose, you have different types of riddles. Some are visual riddles (look at the elements present in the app to find the answer), others are logical riddles (word games, problems to solve, codes to decipher) and finally, you also have riddles involving observation of your environment (look around you, in the city, to find the answer). 

3. Your smartphone, your guide

A charged smartphone: that's all you need. And one smartphone per person in your team is even better. Each person can then take their turn as team leader: that means entering the answers to the riddles in the app and moving on to the next missions. Be careful who you give the lead to ;-) Other features will soon be added and everyone will be able to earn badges according to their performance (or lack of it) during the game. The more badges and other rewards you collect, the more chances you have to win another game for example!

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