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Surprising Brussels
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An Urban Escape Game to discover Brussels in a different way!

Surprising Brussels is an urban exploration game playable on smartphone in teams of 2 to 6 players.

You will meet a curious (virtual) character who will follow you throughout your journey through the streets of Brussels. He will challenge you to solve riddles based on the most beautiful corners of the city centre.

  • Discover the tourist and hidden corners of the city.
  • Historical anecdotes about the monuments and façades of the city.
  • You'll only get to the end if you manage to solve the riddles in time.
  • Get the highest score in the city.
Storyline by Coddy

This type of game takes you on a discovery tour of the city. You will have to search on the buildings and monuments, the answers to the riddles asked.


In Surprising Brussels, you will..

Solve city-centered riddles!

Solve city-centered riddles!

Here, the city itself is the heart of the game. Look up, down, on the ground, on facades, statues, monuments: you'll have to look everywhere to find the answers!

Explore and (re)discover Brussels!

Explore and (re)discover Brussels!

You will observe the city and its secrets, everything you don't see at first sight! Sometimes you will even learn information, little fun facts about the buildings or the city itself! A nice mix between gaming and tourism - game-ism!

Time your route!

Time your route!

Just like in a classic treasure hunt, you will have a stopwatch along your route. Use it to challenge yourself and finish the game in 2 hours, or simply as a guide and do the parcours at your own pace!

Explore Citywide Escape Game in Brussels

Starting Point
Grand-Place, 1000 Ville de Bruxelles
5 next days forecast in city
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Showers Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels
Heavy Cloud Brussels

Some of the places you're going to see

The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries
Mont des Arts
Brussels Park

Is it a price per person or per team?

Each rate is per team, either 2 players maximum for the DUO rate or 6 players maximum for the TEAM rate. You only pay once the announced rate for the whole team.

We are more than 6, can we play?

If you are more than the maximum number of team members allowed during your purchase, additional people will be able to follow the game on the participant' phones.

Should a participant's phone run out of battery power, another participant can easily take his place.

Can children play?

Yes, all it takes is one person in the group who can read and use a cell phone and the whole group can enjoy it. The puzzles are more or less difficult but always have clues to help solve them.

When can we start the game?

You can start the game whenever you want within 365 days from the date of purchase. You will receive by email the code to start the game immediately after the purchase, this code is to be entered in the Coddy application.

What to do in case of a problem?

Application updates are tested many times before being deployed, but it is possible that a bug may still pass our vigilance. For that, you benefit from a Chat support directly in the application as well as a button to get out of a problematic situation, such as a street exceptionally closed for works for example.

Do we need an internet connection?

Yes, a connection is required to download the game, which you can do at home via wifi. Then, during the game, it will be necessary to leave the 4G activated during the course to validate your answers and improve the geolocation but this represents very little data consumption.

Coddy stars

Leaderboard (50 first)

1 Pendragon
4035 Points
2 Féline
3950 Points
3 Les pastèques
3935 Points
4 Strike Force
3920 Points
5 les pingouins
3920 Points
6 ie
3910 Points
7 funado jette p2
3840 Points
8 La Team Guido
3815 Points
9 IThoughtThisWasSpeedDating
3815 Points
10 Ellen‘s Team
3800 Points
11 flying Unicorns
3740 Points
12 les Semi-Croustillants
3740 Points
13 Les djeun's
3730 Points
14 Emilie et Julien
3675 Points
15 Team KMJ
3650 Points
16 Croutons
3640 Points
17 LePellet
3635 Points
18 Adam's family
3600 Points
19 Yohan's team
3585 Points
20 Lolo's
3555 Points
21 Team P
3515 Points
22 Les charmottes
3500 Points
23 Les 7 nains
3490 Points
24 Heloise
3440 Points
25 Peckel
3385 Points
26 Sherlocks In Training
3370 Points
27 Chon+Chette
3345 Points
28 Virginie
3300 Points
29 fort boyard
3290 Points
30 la rose blanche
3285 Points
31 Da Best
3270 Points
32 Eliott
3260 Points
33 Dede family
3205 Points
3190 Points
35 Virginie
3185 Points
36 filou
3180 Points
37 Nef
3160 Points
38 Grelinette
3155 Points
39 les lumars
3130 Points
40 trololol
3100 Points
41 Régine
3095 Points
42 lulo
3075 Points
43 Banania
3070 Points
44 gemblouuuuxxxx
3065 Points
45 Les Supermen
2990 Points
46 funado p1
2985 Points
47 Tartochuc
2920 Points
48 unicorn st Valentin
2910 Points
2850 Points
50 discover belgium
2745 Points

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