Explore Brussels, find clues and solve puzzles throughout the city.

Get ready for an incredible urban city game that will make you discover emblematic and also atypic places in Brussels.

During our city game :

  • You will be guided by our application through Brussels.
  • You will complete missions that will influence your route.
  • You will find clues and collect virtual objects.
  • You will meet virtual characters.

Our urban escape games are available for adults and teenagers from 12 years old and in several languages.

How to start the adventure

Order online

1. Place an order on our website

One ticket is valid for a team of up to 6 people. Once purchased you can start your adventure within 365 days.

Order online

2. Check your email

You will receive the instructions to start the adventure by email. Check your spam if it doesn’t show up in your mailbox.

Order online

3. Download the app and start the game

Choose the day that suits you, download the app on your smartphone and prepare for a couple of hours of exploration!

Order online

4. Go to the starting point

In the e-mail you received, you will find the starting address for your adventure. Once there, in the app, enter the code provided and let yourself be guided! Good luck!

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Last testimonials

β€œ We had lots of fun exploring brussles, although some puzzles were difficult at times. Highly recommended to anybody looking to get a taste of the sights of brussles? ”
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Alex Escape Brussels Hangover
Aug 2022
β€œ Brilliant concept, good combination of story, adventure, and exploration. If only the weather was better, but hey, that's part of the challenge πŸ’ͺ ”
icon swipe
Roberta The Alchemist - Brussels
Jan 2022
β€œ Great experience! we had lots of fun and discovered new things in the city center of Brussels ”
Leslie Surprising Brussels
Jan 2022