We continue our series of "What to do in" in the city of Liège. If you have come to this article, it is because you want to visit Liège or because you are lost in the streets of this great city. You've come to the right place because you will discover several places to visit in the city of Liège.

Liège-Guillemins railway station

Place des Guillemins 4000 Liège BE

You can't miss it, it is very big and you will see it from far away. It is the meeting place for everyone as this station serves many train, bus and Thalys lines. I advise you, if you want to come and visit the city, to come by train because you will be in the centre of everything and you won't have to worry about parking. To teach you something, the station is almost two centuries old! It was built in 1863 but with the wars and the passing of time it had to be rebuilt or renovated several times. Not bad he! 

Montagne de Bueren

Montagne de Bueren 4020 Liège BE

A small climb of 374 steps with a slope of 30%... Not much for you who is a great sportsman! Hang on and take up the challenge of climbing all those steps that link the town centre to the citadel barracks. Once at the top, you will be able to admire a breathtaking view of the whole city and its surroundings. A little anecdote: these stairs are among the ten most extraordinary staircases in the world! Incredibly, the people of Liège are known for more than just their waffles and peket. 

The Boverie museum

Parc de la Boverie 4000 Liège BE

This museum puts at your disposal the art collections of the Museum of Fine Arts. You will be able to discover works of famous European artists: Picasso, Ingres, Delvaux, Monet,... Moreover the museum is situated in a very nice park where you can walk in summer. 

The aquarium and museum of the University of Liège

Quai Édouard Van Beneden 22 4000 Liège BE

For young and old alike, you will be able to admire several specimens and aquatic species in sumptuous aquariums. A great discovery that will plunge you - almost - into the depths of the ocean. Well if you are not passionate about fish, this is obviously not the best place to go, but then simply observe the building from outside, on the docks. The view is still not bad...

The Goolfy, laser game in Liège

Chaussée de Tongres 200 4000 Liège BE

You can find your happiness here, by playing an indoor mini-golf or a laser game with the Star Wars theme. What do you prefer? Reveal your golfing skills or become a Jedi? 

the lantin fort

Rue de Villers 1 4450 Juprelle BE

You will discover life in the fortress. The Château du Débarquement is hidden in a wooded plot of land in the Hespignane countryside, 3 kilometers from the neighboring country Longsin. It is the only fortress in Liege that has not been modified since 1914. It is one of the last relics. Since the end of the 19th century, the military buildings are in good condition. It is a jewel not to be missed! 

Open Air Museum of Sart Tilman

L'Agora 1 4000 Liège BE

The Sart Tilman open-air museum was created in 1977 as a result of a collaboration between the University of Liège and the Ministry of Culture, and was then disseminated by the Belgian French community. The museum has developed a policy of protection and investigation that has led to the development of a collection, which currently contains more than 110 pieces, representing nearly 40 years of the history of contemporary outdoor sculpture in French-speaking Belgium. The plan of the theme walk is available at the welcome stand at the Simone David Constant traffic circle.

Science Museum

Quai Édouard Van Beneden 22 4000 Liège BE

You like science, you want to introduce science to your children or friends, you want to give examples of science classes, and then go to the science museum. Experienced science facilitators, interactive and extraordinary experiments, educational seminars, university science heritage collections ... and much more awaits you! You will find a lot of crazy and impressive experiments.

River shuttles

Quai Churchill 4000 Liège BE

From the Coronmeuse site to the Fragnée district, stopping at the foot of the Belle Liégeoise pedestrian footbridge, a river shuttle allows visitors to park in Coronmeuse outside the city center and serenely enjoy the tourist attractions of Liege and its surroundings. Indeed, 6 River Shuttle stops have been installed to allow you to reach the flagship store of Liege in a few minutes: La Boverie, Gare des Guillemins, pedestrian city center, Saint-Lambert and Market, Grand Place Curtius ... Although the price of 1 euro per stopover allows you to pay a small fee to visit the city, the daily rate is 8 euros, allowing you to finish the tour on Meuse Sailing. For families, you will receive a daily discount of 30€ per day.

The bridge of Fragnée

Pont de Fragnée 4020 4000 Liège BE

The Fragnée Bridge was built for the 1905 Universal Exhibition in the spirit of the Pont Alexandre III in Paris. On each side of the bridge, you will be able to admire two gilded Renommées. You will be able to put a padlock there with your lover and throw the key in the Meuse river. Beware of the ducks, you shouldn't hurt them with the key! It's a bit like Paris but with a touch of Liège. 

Do you feel like visiting all these places, or others in Liège, following a path and without racking your brain? Coddy allows you to visit Liège while having fun with an escape game. What better way to have fun than to play an escape game with your friends or family. Come on, don't be shy and come and discover this magnificent city!