Safety measures in force

This page is updated after each National Safety Council. The measures in force are taken until further notice and can be re-evaluated according to the situation and the recommendations of the NSC. 


Are games still allowed?

Yes you can still play all our games (including Halloween editions) as long as you respect the rules imposed by the government. We therefore recommend that you play with members of your household/members of your bubble. In addition, the following rules will apply to ALL our games: 

  • The mask is compulsory for outdoor games. It is not compulsory for children under 12 years old.
  • There will be no close contact with other teams, Coddy team members or actors (Halloween edition). You are required to respect the safety distances, as for any activity.
  • It is recommended that each player plays on his/her own smartphone.
  • Use your hydroalcoholic gel before and after the games (although you will not have to touch anything).

Only you will know if your team is compatible with the health measures in force (4 or 5 people living under the same roof, close contacts,...).

In case you have already made a reservation for one of our games:

If you wish, your tickets can be divided in 2: a code purchased for one team can be divided into two smaller teams to ensure your safety. Just send a request by email to


What about interactions with others?

There are none. We assure you that our games are played independently, only with your team members and on your smartphone. Competing teams will not come into contact with you. If you need to communicate with our team members (if they are on site during your game), they will wear a mask and respect the safety distances. We still ask you to encourage communication via our social networks or the chat on our website.

As for the actors for the Halloween edition in Brussels, they will respect the safety distances and/or wear a mask. 


I have symptoms, can I participate?

No. And we'd really appreciate it if you could stay home and warn people you've recently been in contact with.

Brussels Halloween Edition

Brussels Halloween Edition

  • The game lasts 2 hours, outdoors.
  • The last slot starts at 7pm, at 9pm the game will be over.
  • No interaction with the other teams, you play with your bubble.
  • Everything happens on your smartphone and the actors on site will respect the safety distances and/or wear a mask.

"Ghost Village" Halloween Edition

"Ghost Village" Halloween Edition

  • The game lasts 2 hours, outdoors. After these two hours, it is strongly recommended that you get back on the road and do not stay on the spot so as not to clutter up the premises.
  • The last slot starts at 6pm, at 8pm the game will be over.
  • No interaction with the other teams, you play with your bubble.
  • Everything happens on your smartphone


Team building

The government calls for the promotion of teleworking wherever possible. Under these conditions, team building is not recommended at the moment. However, when it is possible to organise yours, do it with Coddy is Covid-safe!

We recommend to form teams of 4 people maximum. Each person must have a smartphone to follow the game, must wear a mask and respect a correct distance with his teammates.

Outdoor games are recommended for a company activity as long as the participants respect the rules mentioned above. 


Are there any special measures taken for groups?

Yes, with the Team Building option it is possible to have the groups leave from different locations so that they do not follow or cross each other during the game. It is also possible to start from the same place at different times: intervals of 10 minutes (or more) to avoid being grouped together in the same place when solving the riddles. 

Please note that we do everything possible to ensure your safety. No game will be cancelled until the NSC has taken action that does violate the rules we have established. 

Let's still play together!

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