Safety measures in force

This page is updated regularly, but please refer to the rules in your country/region regarding social contact, outside distances allowed and curfew.


Are games still allowed?

Yes, you can still play all our games as long as you respect the rules imposed by your government.

In Belgium :

Outside, you can gather with a maximum of 4 people. You must keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Children up to 12 years old do not count.

In France:

Outings are allowed within a 10km radius of your home. No groups of more than 6 people. A curfew in effect at 9pm throughout the metropolitan area.

For all:

  • The mask is compulsory for outdoor games.
  • There will be no close contact with other teams or members of the Coddy team.
  • You are required to respect the safety distances, as for any activity.
  • It is recommended that each player plays on his/her own smartphone.
  • Use your hydroalcoholic gel before and after the games (although you will not have to touch anything).

What about interactions with the others teams?

There are none. We assure you that our games are played independently, only with your team members and on your smartphone. You are free to play your Escape Game on the day and at the time of your choice, so competing teams will not come into contact with you. 

Please be assured that we do everything possible to ensure your safety. Our games remain playable as long as your government's actions do not go against the rules we have established.

Let's still play together!

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