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At Home - Investigation

Investigating a disappearance, murder or supernatural affair in this type of gambling.


Missions: 20
Data (4G/5G)
Mobile data required


"The Banshees" is a free short Escape Game that takes you to Ireland, where strange phenomena are taking place. This mini episode is based on an urban legend. Facts that have really happened and that have crossed the centuries, or is it just a totally invented story that shapes Irish History today? In Galway, you're expected to investigate and untangle the true from the false. Will you get the answer you're looking for?

Play it at home, on a break from work, on the road, with your mates or on your own! 

Storyline by Coddy

Paranormal investigation

"Strange things are happening in Ireland at the moment. Five people have died recently in strange ways. Cause of death? Unknown. Relationship between the victims? None. Is the culprit real or nothing more than a paranormal element?"

The P.P.I.C (Paranormal Phenomena Investigation Committee) is sending you to Ireland to solve this strange case. Lead the investigation and quickly close this case, which is beginning to worry the people of Galway.  

Leaderboard - top 20

1 Sonia bg
1220 Points
2 sarah mckinlay
1120 Points
3 Marijke Van Kelecom
1120 Points
4 Thibault Le Guern
1110 Points
5 oli big
1100 Points
6 noel dabe
1090 Points
7 Nathalie gaudron
1070 Points
8 Teeen Wolf
1050 Points
9 emilie colin
1040 Points
10 youpi
1030 Points
11 Alice de W.
1020 Points
12 pauline dufour
1020 Points
13 gianni testa
1020 Points
14 Geoffroy Emain
1010 Points
15 Mo colthor
1010 Points
16 Yannis Leempoels
1000 Points
17 Camille Vandervaeren
1000 Points
18 Valérie Nizette
1000 Points
19 Virginie Detournay
1000 Points
20 Renaud de backer
1000 Points

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