Ahoy, young pirate! You were sleeping peacefully last night when your treasure was stolen. Who is the culprit? Are you going to find your precious? If you feel you can handle the investigation, join your crew quickly! 

"The Secret of the Stolen Treasure" is an Escape Game that invites you, young pirate, to solve the investigation around the theft of your precious treasure!

Storyline by Coddy

This game is an escape game suitable for children under 12 years old. Several levels of difficulty available.

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 Main image The Secret of the Stolen Treasure The Secret of the Stolen Treasure

6 active players max

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A 100% digital game

A 100% digital game

The game takes place on Coddy's Mobile Application: to access it, you must first take a ticket for this game on our website. Then you will receive a code by email that you will have to enter in the application to start the game. 

The game will start and you will be presented with 3 levels of difficulty: apprentice, sailor or captain. Choose the one that best suits your child(ren) and play! 

The game takes place entirely on the application whatever the level you choose: all the riddles are adapted and the answers are to be entered into the application.  

If you wish, it is also possible to play both on the app and with a PDF! In the order confirmation you will get a link to download this PDF file. In it you will find some riddles (always grouped by level), the clue cards, the suspect cards and the treasure map. The paper version is sometimes more appreciated by children when they want to make a written game/puzzle. Feel free to print what your child(ren) needs! 

Adapted puzzles so that all children can play at the same time

As we told you, 3 levels of difficulty are available for your child(ren). We wanted to allow everyone to be able to benefit from this experience according to their abilities. 

  • Apprentice level: you recognize letters, numbers, colours and animals.
  • Sailor level: you can read and write words to describe a picture and solve simple calculations.
  • Captain's level: you can read and write whole sentences and are not afraid to multiply.

Each child can play with other children of another level at the same time. Just choose a level in the application and another one with the PDF (printed or not). 

A few tips before you start

  • Explain to the children what they are about to do and what is expected of them (find the stolen treasure).
  • Read the document carefully before you start the game, this will help you anticipate each step more easily, there is a note for parents at the beginning of the PDF in this regard (but you don't have to print it out).
  • If you print the PDF, cut out the elements indicated by the scissors.
  • Finally, the whole game revolves around a treasure to be found: prepare a little surprise like cookies, chocolate or other delicacies and offer them to the sailors who have found the treasure as a reward!
Coddy stars

Leaderboard (50 first)

1 Viviane
3230 Points
2 Casula
2090 Points
3 Man
2055 Points
4 Papegaai
1989 Points
5 Nadine
1970 Points
6 Les Clem's
1920 Points
7 Struyven
1909 Points
8 Jay
1882 Points
9 les juclés
1831 Points
10 tete de mort
1824 Points
11 les corsaires bleus
1730 Points
12 tontas
1727 Points
13 Alexia
1718 Points
14 Les cacahuètes pirates
1709 Points
15 Dan
1630 Points
16 Magali
1630 Points
17 Hugromkia
1629 Points
18 Les GoSansGrain
1623 Points
19 Quentin
1620 Points
20 ZoGi
1620 Points
21 Demarke
1618 Points
22 Noam B
1610 Points
23 les bons les brutes les truands
1610 Points
24 Les pirates des 7 mers
1610 Points
25 Les pecheux de pechons
1609 Points
26 Ethan B
1594 Points
27 Clo
1586 Points
28 les volleyeuses
1572 Points
29 Escape Boom
1570 Points
30 Stéphane
1570 Points
31 Kids sushi
1549 Points
32 chatours
1544 Points
33 Chloe
1530 Points
34 de mylletjes
1530 Points
35 Dessel
1470 Points
36 Licorne brillante 🦄
1430 Points
37 Les Pontry
1430 Points
1430 Points
39 Lisa
1389 Points
40 Marie
1381 Points
41 Pirate Sean
1380 Points
42 Les moussaillons
1330 Points
43 les pirates de coeur
1320 Points
1314 Points
45 Morgane
1310 Points
46 stephanie v.
1300 Points
47 barbara
1260 Points
48 Maudet
1247 Points
49 Muriel V.
1230 Points
50 Vincent D.
1230 Points

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