I have received a Bongo box

I have received a Bongo box

All our games are compatible with Bongo boxes. 

  • Choose the game and the city in which you want to participate
  • Send us your choice and the 9+3 numbers you can find on the back of your gift certificate.
  • We will then send you a team code and instructions on how to start the adventure whenever you want: this code is valid for 1 year.
I have received a Coddy gift voucher

I have received a Coddy gift voucher

You can now make your own reservation

  • Choose one or more games and add them to your basket.
  • During the payment phase, click on "Use your code" and validate the code of your gift voucher
  • The amount is then automatically deducted from your purchase

This also applies to Veepee, Actievandedag, Vakantieveillingen & GOODTime.

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