Play demo : Globe trotter 🧩

Play demo : Globe trotter 🧩

Discover Coddy from your couch and teleport to the most beautiful European cities. You'll be able to get an idea for free and quickly what the urban adventures we offer are like before ordering.

  • 20 minutes to test for free

This tutorial lasts 20 minutes, which is more than enough to get familiar with the app, its features, and even the kind of puzzles we could offer you in a real urban adventure.

  • (Re)Discover the city (virtually)

As in our urban adventures, we invite you to (re)discover the city by observing it from another angle!

  • Riddles as in real life

Solve riddles to succeed in your mission! You'll find the same types of riddles in our urban adventures.

Your mission in Globe Trotter? To save humanity!⛑

Your mission in Globe Trotter? To save humanity!⛑

  • Goal of the game?

Save humanity by activating a Temporal Engine ⌛️ to allow your top secret agency to travel through time and fix some temporal anomalies. ⚙️

  • How?

The top secret agency you're part of has technology that allows you to teleport anywhere in the world! Move to several iconic locations to collect clues that will help your agency save the world!⛑

  • Want to play it?

What are you waiting for to download the Coddy app and get started?!

A Free Escape Game at home 📱

A Free Escape Game at home 📱

  • Learn about the app 📱

  • Discover its features ⚙️

  • Try to solve the riddles 🧩

  • Get to the top of the leaderboard 🥇

Thanks to this tutorial, you'll already discover the app and its features, and it will be much easier for you to embark on an urban adventure later, right on the ground!💪🏻

Among the features you will encounter, you will have:

  • Ranking: to know where you stand in relation to other players and if you're in the Top 3!"🎖

  • Missions: to know which mission you are on, and review the ones you have already done.

Trying an urban adventure?

Trying an urban adventure?

Have you ever played the Globe Trotter? After reading this, you have only one desire: to try an urban adventure in your city?

Don't wait any longer, Karen! Visit our website and find the urban Escape Game scenario that suits you and the city you want to play in!

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