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How do I write a screenplay?

How do I write a screenplay?

We may disappoint you, Chelsea, but there's no miracle recipe for writing a screenplay! Above all, you need to have a strong taste for writing, an overflowing imagination and a great motivation to get involved in the writing of Escape Games.

What do you need?

  • A theme (you can use the ones we already have or come up with something new)
  • The main lines, the narrative structure of your story with already some characters, places, actions, so that we can see more clearly when you propose a screenplay.
  • Riddles ! Or mini challenges, questions, choices to make. When it comes to riddles, don't skimp on the difficulty: we're mainly aimed at adult players (unless you're doing a screenplay for kids) and we want them to rack their brains! The clues will be there to help them anyway.

In short

Be inventive

Make us dream with your screenplay, make sure that we are propelled into it, that we live your story rather than read it. Be exciting: be different, be original. Go for something new, not copy and paste! We are only asking to be the new actors in your story!

Be consistent

Everything must fit together and follow logically. Also be concise: Escape Game is about the speed (need to go fast to solve the game, fast to read). And it's on a smartphone: the texts must not be too long! So be very precise in your statements: the player must not have any doubts about what he has to do! 

Be curious

Do some research when you talk about something. Ask for information to give details, to tell the right things and to avoid misunderstandings. Explanations about facts, people or places also help to immerse yourself. 

Be funny

We love humour (whatever it is), sarcasm, provoc'. In short, don't go off on a tangent when you have something to say, our players know that you have to take everything not too literally (and if they still had doubts, now they know)!

Be free and have fun

Above all, feel free to write as you wish. No taboos or censorship (but let's be fair!), write the story you want. The aim is also to have fun and enjoy writing your script! 


Would you like to go further and show us your work? Contact us at hello@coddygames.com and share your ideas with us, we are very curious to see what you can do and what you want to propose! 

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