"Escape Games Kids: Games that will make your kids have the time of their lives!"

Games full of surprises

Looking for ideas for your child's birthday party? A family party is coming up and you don't yet know how to keep all your little ones occupied? Think about Escape Games!

Coddy's Escape Games for Kids will allow your children to have fun while working their brain cells. Their imagination will be solicited: they will have to put themselves in the shoes of a pirate, an investigator,... Their logic will be put to the test to solve all the puzzles, but always with the pleasure of the game. Finally, thanks to the team escape games, your children will understand the importance of mutual help and solidarity to complete their quest! Challenge, fun and laughter guaranteed!

How do our Escape Games for kids work?

Our Escape Games can be found on our mobile application Coddy. Once you have chosen the theme of your game, just download the application, enter your code and play! For some escape games kids, other supports, such as a PDF, can be provided with it. You are free to choose whether to print it or not. 

If a PDF is provided, all the game instructions will be written inside. The installation of the game will be very quick because we plan everything to make it easy for you! 

The games will soon be available in both tablet and computer versions.

Going Zero Waste

We want to avoid waste and superfluous paper printing at all costs. This is why we are working to improve the Escape Games so that they are 100% digital. In case PDFs are necessary, the puzzles are always organized by level so that you only have to print what your children need!

Interactive games

The various functionalities offered in the application - such as taking photos, videos (to make or watch), sounds - will allow your children to interact directly with the game tool.

All together against the clock or in teams!

To play at a birthday party (or other parties), if the children are more than 6, you can organize the escape game in teams. Form several teams that will have to compete against each other: a way for them to challenge each other even more! If you prefer, it is also possible to play the escape game all together against the clock: an extra challenge!

(In order to get all the kids to participate, we advise you to avoid too big groups)

Go beyond yourself

The Escape Games spice up your parties: it's all about the children surpassing themselves in the various puzzles they receive. A challenge but not a competition: what's important is the fun (and no one loses anyway).

Help each other

For the Escape Games Kids in team, everything will be based on solidarity between players! They will have to find answers together to complete their common quest. Everyone will participate and all the children will help each other to face the difficulties of the puzzles!  


Use your imagination to put yourself in the shoes of the characters in the story. Depending on the theme, the children can dress up, you can also decorate your interior for more immersion. 

Have fun!

Our Escape Games are primarily designed to entertain your children! The most important thing is that they have a good time laughing, playing, in short, having fun!

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