Storyline by Coddy

Ever wondered if your dreams are really just dreams, or if there is something more going on?​🤫

What if you could live a magical adventure helping out the one and only Peter Pan? ​🤩 Well, today you’ll get the answer to that question.​

Battle against Smee and Hook, chase Peter Pan’s shadow and fly over the city with the help of the wonderful Tinkerbell!​ 🧚🏼

Can you find the Lost Kids and bring them safely back to Neverland?!​ ✨

About the game

⏱ Play at your own pace
🗺 Use the map to find your way 
🧚🏼 Find the Lost Kids and bring them back
🧩 Solve all the puzzles to complete your missions
🤓 Take turns being the team leader

How time constrained is this adventure?
90 min.
Average completion time
2 km.
Expected distance to complete the adventure
For whom this adventure is best suited.
Why play this adventure?
This adventure makes the players laugh.
Great for kids
Ideal for young players.
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