Marseille: A Mediterranean Treasure

Marseille, with its sun-drenched streets, sea-scented air rich with stories, and unique blend of cultures, is a city that never ceases to surprise and enchant. From its ancient beginnings to its modern vibrancy, every street corner tells a story, every painted façade reveals a secret. Let's embark together on a journey into the heart of this Phocaean city, discovering its most unusual anecdotes.

10 fun facts about Marseille

  • 🐟 The Sardine that Blocked the Port of Marseille The story of the "sardine that blocked the port of Marseille" is not just a tale: it was actually a ship named "La Sartine" that caused this historical incident.

  • 🔨 The Oldest Hardware Store in France La Maison Empereur, established in 1827, is the oldest hardware store in France, located in Marseille. This 1,000 m² store offers tens of thousands of references, akin to an Ali Baba's cave.

  • 🏠 Relocation of a Historical Building The Hôtel de Cabre, the oldest dwelling in Marseille, was physically moved and turned 90° in 1952, a unique architectural relocation!

  • 🎥 Shooting of a Famous Film Le Bar de la Marine in Marseille served as a setting for scenes in the British film "Love Actually", although the movie is set in Portugal.

  • The First Public Café in France in Marseille Marseille was ahead of Paris in hosting the first public café in France, an often unknown fact.

  • 🌍 One of the Oldest Cities in Europe Founded around 600 BC by the Greeks, Marseille is one of Europe's oldest cities, bearing witness to a rich commercial and cultural past.

  • 🍷 A Speakeasy Inspired by Prohibition Carry Nation, a speakeasy in Marseille, offers a unique experience with its secret entrance and atmosphere inspired by the Prohibition era.

  • 🍹 Visit a Pastis Factory Cristal Limiñana, the last pastis factory in Marseille, invites visitors to discover the secrets of this emblematic drink.

  • 🏯 A Vietnamese Pagoda in Marseille The Phap Hoa Pagoda, established in 1978, is a gem of Vietnamese culture in Marseille, offering a total change of scenery.

  • 🧼 The Secrets of Marseille Soap The Fer à Cheval soap factory, a historical monument, continues to make traditional Marseille soap, a craft passed down through generations.

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