This summer, take part in an immersive police investigation in your city!

From August 13th to 16th, compete with teams from 5 different cities in Belgium and try to be the winner of this weekend of investigation! 

What is it all about?

What is it all about?

The Urban Detective Event is a digital event (everything happens on your smartphone) where you will discover the brand new modified and adapted scenario "The Walter Case"! An urban Escape Game in which you will investigate and unmask the blackmailer of Harold Walter, a billionaire CEO. You can play this game at any time of the day, from 13 to 16 August 2021. 

New scenario?

New scenario?

The Walter Case was already released a few months ago but has been totally revisited to offer you a better experience! New game mechanics have been added, customised riddles for each city have been added and of course great illustrations are also part of the game. 

A big winner at the end of the event!

The key word of this event: competition! You and your team will be challenged more than usual because at the end of this event a winner -per city- will be selected to receive a prize.

How do we select the winners?

  • In each city, the best team, with the most points, will be named champion of their city.
  • The best of all (of the 5 cities) will be the grand winner of the event and will receive a big prize!
  • The other 4 teams will also receive a smaller but equally cool prize!

And the gift, what is it?!

And the gift, what is it?!

A little curious Karen? We're not going to tell you the prize directly, but you should know that it will be an experience, in the middle of nature, to share again with your team (or with other people, it's up to you). You really want to know? Here's a little hint to get you started: wow and yum!

How does it work?

To give you a little more detail and help you with the organisation, here are the steps to follow:

  • You book your ticket for the event on this page: this ticket is valid for your whole team (up to 6 people in the same team)
  • You will then receive an email with a game code to enter in the Coddy mobile app (download it if you haven't already, Karen, because you will be playing with it)
  • On the day of the event (from 13 to 16 August 2021, we can't repeat it enough) you show up at the starting point of the game, at the time that suits you best, with your smartphone fully charged.
  • You start the game with your team of winners, on your smartphone (and that of your friends) and you try to be the first in the ranking of the 5 participating cities combined! (big challenge, right?)
  • Once your game is over, you will have to wait for the results at the end of the weekend to see if you have the highest score of all the detectives in this event. The final rankings will be made on Tuesday 17/8 and we will contact the winners.

* Tickets received (vouchers, contest winners,...) will not be eligible.

So are you ready to take up the challenge and become the best detective in Belgium?

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