Escape Game for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

"Escape - literally - from your single life with an Escape Game!"

Wellness, cooking and scrapbooking activities to celebrate the end of your single life are so 2016. You can do better for your Bachelorette Party Miley! That goes for you too John, we see you coming with your football game and your barbecue. If the trend is towards Escape Game, we don't offer you just any Escape Game! For your bachelor party, take your smartphone and play at home or outside with Coddy! 

An unusual game for your Bachelor Party

Coddy's Escape Games can be played at home (if you don't feel like moving) as an escape room or outside, in your city! Play as a team (up to 6 people per team, and you can make several teams) : each with a smartphone, or one smartphone per team, it's up to you. If there are more than 6 of you, the different teams will compete against each other!

Combine the challenge of the puzzles, the dilemma of the choices you'll have to make (a bit like the wedding decision you've just made #lockedforlife), some hyper-engaging stories, with humour and good mood: and here's your successful activity! Coddy's Escape Games will give you the chance to have a great time playing as a team with your buddies (or alone if they're cowards and prefer to watch you struggle) !

How does it work?

It's played on our Coddy mobile app, whether you do it at home or outside. It also becomes extremely convenient when you decide to go abroad for your bachelor(ette) party and you want to play one of our escape games in the city where you travel. 

(We are gradually rolling out our games in several cities, contact us if the city of your choice is not yet available and you wish to use one of our games abroad). 

  • Choose your favorite theme
  • Order your ticket and receive your code (1 code is valid for 6 players. If there are 12 of you, you buy 2 tickets for your friends, are you still following Chelsea?)
  • Share the code you received with your friends and download the mobile app.
  • Enter the code in the app (meet at the starting point if you do it outside) and start the game!
  • If you want more info to know exactly how it goes, click here 

Questions, suggestions or a desire to share your fears of a lifetime commitment with us? Send us a message on our social media!

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