Spring Holidays - Meivakantie 2023 in Netherlands 🐣

  • NOORD (North Zone): 29 April to 7 May

  • MIDDEN (Middle Zone): 29 April to 7 May

  • ZUID (South Zone): 29 April to 7 May

In 2023, the spring holidays - Meivakantie - in the Netherlands fall for all three zones (North, Middle, South) at the same time.

What to do at Easter - Meivakantie - in Netherlands 🐰

What are you planning for this -long- week of school holidays with your children? The weather is nice, the days are getting longer, it's spring, and we have the perfect activity for you to do during your holidays!

With our urban adventures, we offer you: riddles, the discovery of a city, challenges, ... In short, a real moment of sharing and good mood!

Easter activity for families & kids (8-12) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

A walk in a nice city centre, discoveries, challenges, riddles, an adventure and a universe in which to immerse yourself and let your children become the heroes and succeed in their mission: this is the experience we suggest sharing with your children!

For this Spring holiday, Meivakantie, we suggest you try several games with them.

With the Kids Discovery Pack*, go on an adventure with twice as many puzzles and challenges!

*available in all cities that offer "Peter Pan" and "The Secrets of"

Kids Discovery Pack 👧

"The Secrets of" - 39,99€ + "Peter Pan" - 24,99€ = for only 50€ instead of 65€!

Easter - Meivakantie - activity for families with teenagers 🤙

Getting teenagers to walk without hearing them complain? Yes, it's possible, Karen!

With our urban adventures, they'll be so caught up in the universe of the game, trying to solve all the riddles, that they won't see the time pass. And you, in the meantime, will enjoy the walk and the discovery of the city!

We recommend you for a -very- good time with teenagers:

  • Crazytopia: for an offbeat scenario, a shorter and more fun Escape Game!

  • Zombie Invasion: for a post-apocalyptic atmosphere and a challenging Escape Game

Easter - Meivakantie - activity with friends in Netherlands 🐥

You're lucky enough to be on holiday in the next few weeks, and the icing on the cake is that you don't necessarily have children to babysit during your time off?

We have something for you too and this is your chance to get out of the house, Karen! Visit a city you've never been to before by playing with our urban adventures.

Take your mates with you and share an original experience together: solve puzzles, challenge yourself and try to reach the top of the leaderboard!

Written by: Estelle
Updated at: 14-03-2023
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