Storyline by Coddy

Congratulations! You have been chosen by "The Almighty" to embody one of the 5,000 new phobias of the year! You are asked to remain calm until the end of your transformation. This last one can cause side effects like: hair loss, memory loss, alienation, rashes or worse...💀 

Meet Harold and his faithful companion Furbling, and try, with their help, to get home safely. "To conquer without peril, one triumphs without glory"...and perils there will be on your way! 🤯

Be quick, your time is short and every second is precious. Make your way through this world of ridiculous phobias and through the streets of your city that has never been so alive, and get home before the time runs out! ⏳

Discover the world of Crazytopia: a place where reason is not due and where your survival depends on the logic of your team. (Yes, and even yours Karen) 🤓

About the game

⏱ Play against the clock
🗺 Use the map to find your way 
🤡 Face ridiculous phobias
🧩 Solve all the puzzles to complete your missions
🤓 Take turns being the team leader

How time constrained is this adventure?
80 min.
Average completion time
2 km.
Expected distance to complete the adventure
For whom this adventure is best suited.
Why play this adventure?
This adventure makes the players laugh.
This adventure is shorter than the others.
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